A Reflection On 2020/New Year’s Goals

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Politics, Corona Virus, supply shortfalls and hardships felt by everyone. While the challenges keep coming so does some good news.

Outboard motors are starting to show up again although in small numbers, new boats are coming (pre-order yours today), and a vaccine is in limited distribution!

In 2020 we saw some models go away such as the Zodiac Futura line and the Zodiac Classic line. The discontinuance of the small fiberglass ribs meant we had to scramble to get what was available before they were gone.

The Mini Open Series was announced via a small online press release and some computer model renderings. We put in our orders for them in the 310, 340, 420, and 480 sizes and are accepting pre-orders.

New Zodiac Mini Open Series

The indefatigable Zodiac Fastroller Series has also gone by way of the dodo to make room for the Chinese built Zodiac Aero Series in the lineup. Fortunately we laid in the remaining stock of the French built Zodiac Fastroller models available and still have some of the best inflatable airfloor models ever made in stock. Current inventory is in the 285 size and the 325 size so get them whilst you can!

The Zodiac Yachtline 360 models are severely backordered and can a year to get thru manufacturing at this time. We only have one left that was recently received and once it’s gone expect a goodly wait for another.

Corona Virus impacts continue to be felt in the boating world as boat shows are cancelled everywhere leaving prospective boat owners nonplussed with the lack of opportunity across the board. Fortunately the web exists and has help ease that burden slightly but nothing beats kicking the tires in person.

Our showroom has been cleaned and treated professionally to help with the virus concerns but we do ask that you wear masks while visiting IBC during these weird times we live in.

2020 has seen an uptick in MILPRO demand for military, police, and rescue personnel, as well as renewed interest in UXO missions. While the COVID raged thru cruise businesses that were shut down demand increased for other sectors requiring proven performers such as the Zodiac Grand Raid and ERB models. Departments looking for these models need to put their plans in action before the new season of 2021 is upon us.

All in all the future looks bright despite the tarnished condition 2020 has left us all feeling. Remember to be safe, boat sensibly, wear PFDs and order what you need sooner than later to avoid disappointment in 2021.

As always IBC is there to help you every step of the way.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!