2021 Zodiac Cadets In Bound

Well we finally received an email saying our 2021 Zodiac Cadets are on the water inbound to us. Once we receive them all outstanding pre-orders will be filled with the rest to go to stock. Boats will be going quicker this year than last year as demand remains elevated and supply is depressed due to the on going COVID dilemma.

Zodiac’s indefatigable Bombard Commando models remain extremely hard to come by for the current near future so if you see that we have one act fast before it’s gone.

Zodiac’s Mini-Open Series will be getting the prime time treatment soon with models expecting to ship anytime now. Those of you who pre-ordered them will be taken care of first with remaining models that go in stock will get rigged with outboards next.

On the subject of outboards we are still experiencing delays with all manufacturers despite use designation. Military, professional and recreational markets are still seeing months of delays with COVID restrictions being the overall driver in availability. Agencies and recreational users need to take limited unit availability into account when planning for adventures.

Everyone is doing as much as possible in all areas to make 2021 the best boating year of record but shortfalls will occur. Please be patient as the World makes course corrections.

As always IBC is there to serve our customers and will continue to no matter the obstacles in front of us.

Be safe, be well and let’s go boating!