Zodiac MILPRO RIBA400 Package

Zodiac MILPRO RIBA400 Rescue Boat Yamaha F40 Package

Rigid Inflatable Rescue Boat 
Aluminum Hull 1/4" PLATE
CSM Collar "D-TUBE"
Outboard Engine 

Number of persons sitting 5
Number of persons in stretcher 1

Overall Length 3.91m (12.8 FT)
Inside Length 3.53m (11.5 FT)

Overall Width 1.935m (6.3 FT)
Inside Width 1.4m (4.5 FT)
Weight without engine and fuel 305kg (672.41 LBS)

Weight with 40hp engine and 6 passengers 944 kg (2081.16 LBS)
Buoyancy Tube Diameter .45m (18")

Outboard 20" (long shaft)
min 25hp
max 40hp

MO Res. MSC.48(66) -(LSA Code) 
Marine Equipement Directive 2014/90/EU

*Performance data is dependent upon individual boat layout customization. 
MILPRO reserves the right to change the specifications of this technical sheet without notice.