Dreaming In French

Lately I’ve been dreaming about sliding across the water in my Bombard Commando and today is the day. The sun is low and the air is cool as I set out upon the glassy river to adventure. Greetings come from bald eagles and geese with the occasional fish jumping in front of me just to glimpse my inflatable boat gliding along. Nature is both stunning in it’s beauty and diversity on full display. I’m the only boat on the water racing the wind to meet the sun and it’s magical in it’s sereneness.

It’s been a hard couple of years for everyone and the weight of it all has been crushing at times. This morning I can feel the weight of the world melting away with every mile that passes. I smell flowers in bloom as my course points the solitary Commando into the wind urging me to relax and enjoy the moment. I forget about my insignificant worries and problems and let the experience wash over me.

I’m lucky, I already have a Bombard Commando, others, not so much. They have been unobtainable for the last couple of years. I actually felt guilty because I had a real French Zodiac when the rest of the world couldn’t get one during the Corona times. Getting notice that our shipment was finally on the water was like getting permission from God to go outside and enjoy myself. The seemingly never-ending lockdowns and supply chain woes have been depressing to say the least. Knowing I can once again share the experience of pure joy with the world when the shipment of Commandos arrive was liberating.

Today is me being selfish, me being free to go where others can’t, and simply enjoy the solitude and peace a morning on the water can bring. I didn’t bring my fishing gear despite the salmon in the river, it didn’t matter if they were biting or not. This morning was about me feeling good, smiling at the sun, to the wind in my ears, to letting go. I’m blessed to have a Commando that opens the world up to me like a good book. No schedule, no unrelenting phone calls or persistent emails, no distractions, just my reflection in the water on a cool morning.

To people who haven’t experienced a morning on an inflatable boat I have no words to describe the feeling. The people who’ve experienced the feeling say the same thing. They often tell me that it’s something that needs to be felt because there aren’t words in English to describe true happiness. Maybe it’s time for me to brush up on my French or better yet just enjoy the moment for what it is.

Our shipment of Zodiac Bombard Commandos is scheduled to hit the Port of Tacoma sometime in July. Give us a call to reserve your very own and treat yourself to wonderment.

We are open Tuesday through Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm.

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