Hypalon Gluing Instructions


  • Weaver 2 part glue
  • Toluene
  • pusher/boner or short blunt putty knife
  • matching fabric
  • clean white cotton rags
  • 1″ paint brush with bristles cut to 1/4″
  • cup or small mixing bowl
  • pumice abrasive stone or 120 grit sand paper
  • scissors or razor knife

1. Cut patch to go at least 1 1/2″ around the hole on all sides, then round the corners. (NEVER LEAVE CORNERS ON A PATCH)

2. Lay your patch over the hole and trace around it where you want your patch to go.

3. Scuff or grind all shiny areas,old glue or roughness out of both the fabric patch and the boat in the area you outlined in step 2.Stay inside the lines!

4. Using a clean white cotton rag dampened with Toluene, wipe away loose dust and grinding residues. Wipe both patch and boat surfaces well, wait five minutes and repeat.

5. Mix Weaver 2 Part Glue in a cup or small bowl using your brush to mix. Glue to Catalyst Ratio is 1-1. In other words one can of glue to one bottle of catalyst. Mix Well!

6. Glue by by applying a very thin coat all over the patch and the marked area. (more is not better take care not to over apply) Wait five minutes and apply a second coat, allow to dry for five more minutes.

7. Align bottom of patch to bottom of the marked out area. Using your pusher attach the patch to the boat using a rolling motion and work out any bubbles.

8. Wipe off excess glue outside of the patch with a clean white rag dampened with Toluene. (glue will harden and turn yellow if not done immediately)



wait one hour before using (emergencies only otherwise wait a minimum of 72 hours before use)

use glue and solvent in a well ventilated area

avoid contact with open wounds and eyes

if ingested contact Poison Control


glue outside in rain or in high humidity

pressurize boat inside of 72 hours after patching

glue at temperatures below 70° F

induce vomiting

glue in direct sunlight