Zodiac Bayrunner 550 NEO RIB

The day started out cool and grey here in Portland which by the way is pretty normal here but it made me think of another day not too long ago. For this time of year it’s pretty ordinary to wear wool in the morning and shorts in the afternoon and if you have to deliver a boat it will start to rain. Ten days ago was one of those days when I had to deliver a boat and as soon as I pulled it out of the rigging and staging area it started to rain. Luckily for the boat it was wearing a Bimini Top to keep it’s composure in the mist as well as the merciless sun it was soon to encounter.

Our mechanic Chris had just finished installing the Bimini and the Outboard and the customer was on their way so I pushed it outside to grab a pic or two to share. One thing I like about the Zodiac Bayrunner is that it takes a different approach to the runabout fun boat in that it uses a pro hull and tubes but gives it more airy and light seating and helm. Everyone imagines themselves over the horizon busting huge air off giant swells but in practice it’s usually on calmer water within eyesight of the beach. This is where the smartness of the Zodiac Bayrunner design comes into play.

Sure you can leap huge swells in a single bound but why? Unless you were one of the old school Navy guys doing it on mission you really don’t need to, nor should you want to. (spine surgery) At this point in my life and on the water experience I prefer the less aggressive looking Zodiac Bayrunner 550 because it’s lighter, simpler, more comfortable and better suited to what my activities on the water include. The Zodiac Bayrunner 550 will go fishing, it’ll pull a wake boarder or tube, it’ll cruise in the sun or sunset with style and above all comfort, plus it costs much less than a similar pro version with no seating.

Since I mentioned seating I think this is the sticking point for most who look at small and midsized RIBs such as the Zodiac Bayrunner 550 NEO. What they think they want is the molded in console and seats but that adds weight, cost, and means more downstream cost for operating. I like that I can shove multiple marine coolers like my Engle under the seat or helm station, I like that I have seat stanchions to rig for sea to, I like the way it suits divers more comfortably and passengers alike when in transit or at rest. I say the seating is Spartan in appearance but generous on comfort, and trust me the comfort factors into the mix far more than it used to when I was 17 and wanted to jump the biggest waves the ocean could make.

These days a trip on the water means I’m with a dog and my best girl fishing or having another couple along for a trip up river or down the coast. The ability to not be in pain all day because of the seating or lack there of means quite a bit to having a successful mission er um trip. Only needing a Yamaha F70 as the outboard means I get much better fuel economy and yet still have enough power to make my eyes streak tears from the wind in my face. I’m told I can Bluetooth my phone to the stereo on the Zodiac Bayrunner 550 but I haven’t ever used one while on that boat. I’m usually too busy enjoying the quiet solitude a day on the water can bring with my dearest and closest friends and family.

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