I get alot of calls from fisherman looking for the ultimate bass setup. They ask me what I use, where I go etc.The answer is pretty obvious, I run a Bombard C4 Commando with a Yamaha F20 as the mill, and I go everywhere the other boats can’t go. This rig ought to be registered as a lethal weapon because you become a Bassassin with it.

The basic Bassassin Rig looks like my friend Thomas’s here. thomas smith bassassin thomas smith bassassin2 thomas smith bassassin3(let’s just call him Mr. Smith) On my personal Bassassin Boat I utilize a quiet foam non-skid product that gives me an even better edge (forget about the carpet) over the competition. Everything is available to the experianced Bass Fisherman and the beginner alike by going to and ordering online.

Want to be a Bassassin instead of Joe or Jane Average Angler?


C4 Summer

This Summer has been the Summer of the C4 Commando.

IBC has been preselling everyone that comes in for good reason, they are phenominal boats at an awesome price.

Don’t delay get one today in red or black and GO COMMANDO!

Here’s a couple of pics of one that got delivered over the weekend to a lucky guy named James in the Seattle area.

You will undoubtably see him with crab pots and fish on the water with his wolf.




Bombard Typhoon 420 Al (Fishing With Mr. Black)

We have on occassion met some really great people here at IBC in our day to day operations, and Mr. Black is no exception.
Mr. Black, maker of fine fishing rods and accessories was kind enough to post some pics on our Facebook page which we promptly snatched and put up here.
Customers and looky loos always ask if you can fish out of inflatable boats, the answer is a definite yes.
In fact it’s probably one of the best kept secrets in fishing.

The go anywhere and do anything capabilities of modern inflatables really take the angler to the spots where others simply cannot get to.They are quieter, (especially so by the addition of SeaDek), more buoyant and carry more than hard boats, they are packable into remote locations, and last but not least infinitely more stable in any water conditions than hard boats. I definitely fish out of my C4 Commando, much to the dismay of my fellow boaters I might add. I will raft up to them in their aluminum boats or bass boats and tag out in minutes using the same tackle and rods in the same water!

Now that the secret is getting out to the next generation of boaters you’ll likely see more people fishing out of inflatables, until then enjoy Mr. Black’s photos