Winter Boating Made Easy

This time of year things slow down for the typical boater or stop altogether. Myself and all my friends look forwad to this each and every year. Practically no one on the water means we have the whole river,lake and ocean to ourselves. What makes this possible is the environmental float suit first made popular by the military. Taking a page from their book the yachtsman or inflatable boat operator can effectively extend the boating season to a year round activity. Fishing, hunting,crabbing, camping or just playing around are activities that open up completely in the winter months. Unrestrictive vistas and aventures await you this winter season and all it takes is a suit. IBC can get you the right suit for any activity but for most it will be the Mustang or 1st Watch Environmental Float Suit that meets the need.

When it’s 17 degrees outside and you want to run the river for brunch at The Riverplace Hotel go ahead and enjoy it but keep our seats open because we’re coming for lunch at the bar!1st watch environmental floatsuit 1st watch riverplace hotel 1st watch suit winter brunch riverplace hotel
To get your own Environmental Float Suit contact IBC at (503)235-2628 or order online and enjoy the boating lifestyle year round.

You’ll be glad you did.

Zodiac Fish N Hunt It’s Official!

It’s Official!

The rumors were true The Inflatable Boat Center is now the Zodiac Fish N Hunt Exclusive Dealer. The Zodiac “Fish N Hunt” models of inflatable boat make the perfect primary boat for an individual or family as well as the outdoorsman and yachtsman alike. With the ability to pack down into bags for easy transport and storage the “Fish N Hunt” makes the camping trip more dynamic and fun for the whole family. Hunters will love the ability of strapping their boat onto their pack horse or mule for the back country adventures of legend.

Nothing is as safe or will carry as much an inflatable boat and the Zodiac Fish N Hunt doesn’t dissappoint. Sought after by bush pilots and guides because of the ease of use and ability to get a tremendous amount of cargo on a plane makes getting to your camp for a resupply a walk in the park. The Zodiac Fish N Hunt is used throughout the Taiga and Alaskan Wilderness by professionals and beginners alike. Where do you want your next adventure to take you? Sizes include the 11’10 model for larger families and big game hunters, and the smaller 10’2″ model that is very popular with yachters and small familes.

Familys love the no non-sense sensibility of the Zodiac Fish N Hunt model. Quick setup and capacities for the whole family make boating more fun and less work. Teach a child to fish, or pull an upcoming wakeboarder it’s all possible with the Zodiac Fish N Hunt.

Boats are available to order on or by calling (503)235-2628 today.

Zodiac Fish N Hunt

Remember when Zodiac offered the Fish N Hunt series of inflatable boats in America?

Chances are if you are a fisherman or hunter worth your salt you do.

Many an elk have had the chance to ride in one of these beauties and become the big trophy on the wall. Well rumors are circulating around that IBC may become the sole vendor for the Zodiac Fish N Hunt in the 11’10” and 10’2″ sizes, much to this hunter’s eager anticipation. Lightweight unsinkable duck machines with the capability of a lay down or upright blind scenario mean meat on the table to this outdoorsman. Oh the kokanee I have boated with this boat are the stuff of legends in my circle of red neck friends.

If you think you might be worthy of owning one of these green machines give IBC a call (503)235-2628 and see if you can get on the list to own one. They always always always sell out and leave many a hunter ,fisherman, or RVer left wondering how they are going to get one.

Finally a green boat for people who live the outdoor lifestyle at a price that will leave your peers green with envy! to preorder yours online starting soon.

fishnhunt fishnhunt2 fishnhunt3 fishnhunt4 fishnhunt5 fishnhunt6 fishnhunt7


Adding Nav Lights To An Inflatable Boat

Sometimes a day trip goes a little bit longer than originally intended and before you know it you’re in the inky dark.

In this installment I’m going to show you how to install a set of removable nav lights to your inflatable boat.

So you went to and bought adhesive for your boat and your navlights and have everything laid out and ready to go.

Your Zodiac or other brand of inflatable boat is fully inflated and clean from all debris and gunk.

  1. Take your bow and stern lights out of the packaging and trace their respective locations with a silver Sharpie and set aside for later.(if Hypalon scuff area marked out with sandpaper)bow light layout 2
  2. Pour adhesive into a disposable paper cup or similar taking care not to introduce bubbles.pour glue
  3. Add the correct amount of catalyst per the manufacturer’s instructions.add catalyst
  4. Mix well taking care to not introduce bubbles to the mixture then set aside.mix
  5. Clean glue pad and areas you marked out earlier with correct solvent in both forward and aft locations.mek stern light pad
  6. Wait 5 minutes
  7. Repeat cleaning with solvent on glue pads and areas marked out.mek stern light pad
  8. Wait 5 minutes.
  9. With a natural short or trimmed bristle brush apply a THIN LAYER of adhesive to both glue pads and areas marked out on the boat.bow light glue
  10. Wait 5 minutes
  11. Apply a second THIN LAYER of adhesive to both glue pads and areas marked out on the boat.bow light pad glue
  12. Wait 5 minutes.
  13. Align your bow light glue pad with your marks making sure the orientation is correct and press down firmly.bow light cure
  14. Use a dull putty knife or spoon or whatever you have that is stiff and not sharp to “bone” or burnish the glue pad from the center out to the sides or edges.bow light bone
  15. Repeat step 14 above for the stern light.stern light adhesion
  16. Clean off excess glue from around areas with a lint free rag dampened (not soaking wet) with solvent.
  17. Wait 3 days prior to use.

You’ve just completed installing your portable nav light set!completed stern and rod holder

Good Job!

Don’t forget the batteries and I’ll see you out on the water.

We went ahead and added a Scotty glue on rod holder base at the same time we did the lights. The Scotty glue on base accepts fish finder/GPS display holders,crap pot pullers as well as the ever popular GoPro Camera Mount and more all in one system. Get yours at and make your inflatable boat even more awesome.

rod holder installed inboard rod holder installed scotty fish finder installed

135_CameraMount_GoPro scy135_CameraMount_NormalCamera


Dr. Bombard’s Journey

It’s October again and that always makes me think of Dr. Bombard’s journey accross the Atlantic Ocean alone in a prototype inflatable boat.

On October 19th 1952 Dr. Bombard proved a castaway could survive in a liferaft until rescue on what the ocean could provide. With no food or water on his boat Dr. Bombard drifted for 65 days to prove his point. Dubbed the Heretique his prototype MK3 inflatable boat built by Zodiac would catapult survival at sea ahead centuries and boat design and knowlege immeasureably.

Starting October 19th and continuing on until December 23rd IBC will offer all Bombard Inflatable Boats in stock at an even better discount.
Our way of paying respect to Dr. Bombard and helping to get another generation of explorers on the water and off to adventure. Supplies limited to what’s on hand in the showroom and ware house.

This is a great time to buy as all new stock will be priced higher to reflect cost incereases for next season. Don’t worry IBC has a long history with the Bombard line and will always have boats coming, but not always at the price offered during the sale.

If you are looking for a jet powered inflatable boat the Bombard Commando series is the go to design. This custom mod from IBC is used by professionals the world over for shallow water operations, fishery based platforms, rescue, and law enforcement. A boat that can be rolled up and put into a small plane, car, or boat allows for rapid deployment anywhere there is water and a need for ultimate performance.

Shop Bombard Inflatable Boats

Custom Boat Covers

Sometimes I forget to talk about accessories, like covers for example.
IBC just made a custom cover for a customer’s brand new 2014 Zodiac Bayrunner 500 and this time I remembered to take a picture.
The cover is used for storage on the trailer,trailering down the road,and as a mooring cover.
Whether it’s a custom cover for the dinghy on a Mega-Yacht or a special operations team cover,new bimini top,outboard cover etc. IBC has you covered.(no pun intended)
Utilizing performance marine and Sunbrella Fabrics in most colors to match your yacht IBC will have your cover made to fit with critical area reinforcing as standard.
Trailering loops? Yes they are there! Cinch cord? Yep, included as standard. IBC has gained exceptional insight through years of inflatable boat customization and rigging to make the process of custom covering quick,easy and inexpensive.
Give us a call (503)235-2628 and we’ll get you covered!
For Standard Inflatable Boat Covers Click Here or visit and shop securely with our online store.

custom bayrunner cover

custom bayrunner cover2

custom bayrunner cover3

Big R.I.B.s (Flintstone Style)

IBC just got in a shipment of BIG R.I.B.s, all 2014 models just in time for the BIG R.I.B. Cook Out!
Get em while they’re hot and save the headache of trying to get one in peak season when nothing but boating will do.
Fun for the family, fun for the professionals, just plain fun!

Experiance the Pro Racing Model (not for the timid)
YachtLine Models with ultra luxury options not available on regular stock boats.(ultra luxury options only available at IBC)
Pro open Models for the diver or water worker looking for the edge of tech and performance in a all around boat.
Bayrunner Models for the best of both worlds, luxury seating and performance in an open boat price range.
Hurry these beauties won’t last long.
Pictures to come soon.

PVC VS Hypalon (CSM)

Everyday I’m forced to give a a speil on Hypalon (CSM) or PVC as a material choice when purchasing a new inflatable boat. Many forums and sites will have users saying Hypalon is the only choice for inflatable boats and how bad their experiances were with PVC. Well as a lifetime sailing around this big blue marble of ours has taught me there are benefits to both. Most of the “issues” I hear about or see with PVC can be attributed to the boaters themselves. Lack of maintenence, and neglect is 99.9% of the time the culprit in the failure modality. Under inflation seems to be the front runner in all problems with either of the boat materials with a strong second place showing from neglect. You’ve spent the money now take some responsibility and take care of your investment. It’s easy to shift blame to the manufacturer for something you had control over.

The question of Hypalon being glued is one of merit, the passing grade for a hypalon boat is 15% air loss over 24 hrs (factory acceptable) even in a new boat, for PVC it’s <7% in 24 hours. If a PVC boat loses 7% in 24 hours we find the leak. I have owned both and can tell you I've had to put air in both over the course of a day, but usually less in a PVC boat. I often have to suffer the indignity of the "No Wake Zone" and as I putt thru I always see dinghys languishing on the back of yachts both in PVC and Hypalon both under inflated and floppy. As stated above the #1 failure modality is under inflation, so take a minute and top off. Changing weather and temps will play a role on pressure, it's obvious but overlooked. When I put the inflatable boat in the water in the afternoon I run hard and fast charging everywhere. When the sun goes down I notice a performance fall off regardless of type of material used. This can be attributed to temperture variance. Time to break out the foot pump, top off, and rally home! My current inflatable boat is PVC and I haven't had to put air in it once this whole season. What do I do different? I put air in it at the right pressure to begin with that's all. Now the nuts and bolts of it all Hypalon is actually dead, Dupont stopped making it in 2010 so anything else is a substitute for all of the holdout yachtsmen.(it's called neoprene/csm now) Hypalon is a glued construction that requires scuffing in order to make the seam stick and be airtight (all hypalon boats leak down) Hypalon is slightly more UV tolerant than PVC but resists hydocarbons much better depending on the type or grade.(when's the last time you sailed in a sea of acetone?) Military Hypalon boats are Hypalon coated Neoprene and are much heavier weight materials than recreational lines so no comparison can be made between the the two or PVC. (military inflatable boats are decommed after 2-5 years so the point is moot) Hypalon will oxidize and break down in UV and oxygen, some types/grades are better than others. (diamond reverts to graphite and CO2 in UV radiation even they aren't forever) Hypalon is more expensive because it's more labor intensive as it has to be scuffed and glued by hand, we have to pay people a living wage it seems. PVC has come a long way but of note the "V" aspect or vinyl is the same stuff as old records and will last over 100 years. PVC boats are both welded or glued, with the second process being a chemical weld when done correctly, and a welded seem doesn't fall apart in the sun 99% of all inflatable boats are made of PVC or in Zodiac's case Strongan (trademarked) material. Modern PVC is UV stabilized and with protectants that block 100% UVA and UVB radiation that point is no longer valid in today's age. PVC patches much easier than Hypalon despite what you read from part time wanna be boaters posting their all knowingness on the web. PVC boats have the same warranty as the Hypalon boats so buy a reputable brand in either case and get what you pay for. Military usage of inflatables is more than Hypalon, I operated on both types when I was active in the US Navy that's a false argument too. Zodiac makes boats out of both materials and have over 100 years in the game, they aren't a fly by night Chinese manufacturer with a here today gone tomorrow business plan. Buy a brand name you'll be glad you did later on. People say Avon is the best (owned by Zodiac), or Bombard (also owned by Zodiac) so go where your eye takes you and get something worth owning from any of the top three and rest easy that your decision was sound. Other brands often use lesser stuff to make the boat that much cheaper and attractive, when it comes time to shell out boat units (money) do your homework. The people at the shop here use both types,it's about 50/50, but as far as I know they have no favorites because they all keep enough air in them to prevent problems. Bottom line to prevent snags,punctures,delaminations,and seam leaks keep air in the boat no matter what it's made of. If you're too lazy to do basic care and cleaning remember, we offer a full service repair department that is more than happy to fix old floppy for you.

Midway Island And The Laysan Albatross

The Captain asked me to swing by his desk for a second today to “check something out”. Usually this is to check out some inflatable boat design or item, but today it was to check out a trailer for a film called “Midway”. (see embedded) or view at

I have to say that I was moved enough to post the trailer here.Too much of our enviroment is trashed and full of plastic garbage and this hammers it home. I constantly see empty cans and plastic bottles in my landings on beaches everywhere I go. I’ve taken to carrying trash bags so I can pick this crap up and dispose of it properly. Why can’t people just take their trash with them? You can’t hardly find a place that doesn’t have plastic waste on it or beer cans creating an ecological nightmare. Go ahead and look next time you’re out in your boat or dinghy and you’ll see what I mean. Too often we’ll get motors in the shop that suck this stuff up into their cooling systems causing expensive repairs and much frustration.

Do your part, pick up your trash and help keep the water clean for another generation.  Let’s not be the last one.

East Pierce Fire and Rescue #22

Yet another Pierce County boat delivered for Rescue Operations.

The universally recognized Zodiac MK2 Classic HD, 13′ 9″ of go anywhere and do anything with optional soft fuel bladder. east pierce fire rescue east pierce fire rescue2

Obviously the various Pierce Counties of America have some knowlege in Rescue Operations as they seem to keep getting the right boats for the jobs at hand.

IBC is there when you need a Rescue Boat, any size, any water.