Inflatable Boat Accessories

As more and more people realize inflatable boats are easier to own and operate in all waters more requests come in for rigging with accessories. Whether fishing is your goal or adventuring to locations unknown is the goal IBC has inflatable boat accessories for every need.

By utilizing existing technology in new ways IBC has done it all for the special forces operator, to the weekend warrior in prices and configurations that won’t break the bank or your brain.

Scotty Fishing Products uses universal attachments for most of their rod holders which can simply be mounted on their glue pads (available here).

IBC’s Special Boat Division customizes boats and products for most applications or mission parameters using marine grade materials and products so if you don’t see it just ask.

Here’s a few pics from a recent delivery to give you some ideas as you plan your next inflatable boat purchase or upgrade.

Give IBC a call if you have questions (503)235-2628 or shop for products using the online store.

Meet The IBC Pros At The Pacific NW Sportsman’s Show

 Starting Today!

IBC’s Pro Team will be on hand at the Pacific NW Sportsman’s Show to answer questions and take Special Boats Division orders. Some of the more awesome custom adventure boat builds will be put together on the floor for the professional guide, law enforcement, or the private adventurer looking for the edge.

Pacific NW Sportsman’s Show booth #1143 February 10th – 14th 2016

IBC’s Special Boats Division will have the boat package du jour featuring portability and performance for a limited time at a savings that will take even the most seasoned adventurer to new heights. Fish ,hunt ,recreate with a new IBC Sportsman’s Zodiac MK2C Classic HD built to the pro team’s demanding specs for outdoor activities anywhere on the globe.

If you can imagine it IBC’s Special Boats Division can likely build it and get it to where the roads end and the excitement begins. We look forward to this show all year because it’s the one show where people from all walks of life come from all 7 continents to talk about exciting and different missions they are working on. Spectators from Africa to Antarctica stop by to see what we can do for them, so if you are in the area or are planning a trip you’ll be in good company.

Floods Meet Their Match / Zodiac MILPRO ERB Emergency Response Boat

Rain, floods, and natural disasters happen, just look at IBC’s home state or Oregon this week.

Photo Credit Bruce Sussman Portld Meteorologist
Photo Credit Bruce Sussman Portland Meteorologist

Climate change is causing flooding and heavy weather in greater frequency all throughout the World and governments are struggling to keep up with the calls.Towing a trailer over unimproved roads and on trails to a response site is difficult to say the least. Now see why having a ready to launch rescue boat with you at all times just became possible and practical using the Zodiac MILPRO ERB.

Any patrol vehicle can become a rescue vehicle capable of performing swift water rescue, flood rescue, active lifesaving, etc. In 3 minutes a first responder can go from response to active rescue with the take anywhere Zodiac MILPRO ERB Inflatable Boat.
Using existing compressed gas technologies available to any police, fire, rescue, or military unit extends the capability and flexibility to use anywhere or anytime with any system. Consumers can even make use of the ERB’s rapid inflation system by using their personal SCUBA tank and getting a ready dive boat or dinghy that is built military tough but easily rolls back up to a small manageable package.”No inflation tank, no problem!”, just use any hand, electric or foot pump and you are on the water in minutes.

Go more places and save more lives with the Zodiac MILPRO ERB and The Inflatable Boat Center.
ERB Demos available by appointment to qualified agencies by calling IBC Zodiac’s Senior Dealership and MILPRO Elite Dealer. (503)235-2628

The Zodiac ERB 380 and Zodiac MILPRO ERB 400 can deploy in under 3 minutes.

Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid Saves Lives

The Zodiac Grand Raid MK3 series of inflatable boats from Zodiac MILPRO saves lives again!

Probably the most recognized inflatable boat in the world serves multiple missions on the water daily.

Marine biologists from the Calypso Society, Police, Fire Depts., NOAA, USGS,US Military, Scripps, Woods Hole, and on and on and on! The Zodiac Grand Raids have been to the far flung corners of the World and back again doing the heavy lifting for decades as only a Zodiac MILPRO can do.

Recently IBC had Lacey Fire’s MK3 in for it’s scheduled service check and to get some reflective i.d. badges put on. IBC did all maintenance and added the new badges to the 21 year old boat (1994) and got it back on the water for it’s first rescue mission of the season. see video below

Lacey Fire District 3 completes a textbook rescue of four people on the Nisqually River after one of them used a rope swing and got swept away. The three others jumped into the river trying to rescue the first person and were also swept away before reaching an obstruction in the middle of the river. Lacey Fire’s District 3 was called in with their highly maneuverable Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid to pull the victims out of the water and deliver them safely on the bank.

Not all rescues are this easy considering many of the U.S. rescue teams only have john boats or skiffs to respond to these events. These boats place the rescuers into a rescue scenario themselves many times and a Zodiac has to be called in to rescue everyone.

Get the right tools for the job, get a Zodiac MILPRO Grand Raid and get on the water in complete confidence.

note; river and lake water remains cold at this time of year and currents are particularly swift right now, wearing a life jacket could save your life so get it on before you go.


Take A Trip On An Inflatable Jet Boat

People ask me about jet pumps for their inflatable or their usability/feasibility almost daily. To make a long story short may inflatables can work with a jet pump no problem, in fact some work better the jet sleds out there because they float more weight and have less draft than aluminum sleds. Take a trip with Chris in his inflatable as he climbs up the Clackamas River to a more private beach that’s accessible only by floating with a tube or walking the river (it’s too shallow for other sleds/boat types).

Oh yeah I might as well answer the other question I get a lot too, “I have a big dog will his claws pop the boat?”. The short answer is “NO!”. Maura is about 165lbs of dog claws and is all about the boat ride. If your dog’s claws “popped” your boat chances are it was a pool toy not a Zodiac Inflatable Boat.

Storing Your Inflatable Boat For The Winter

This time of year I get quite a few calls about storing inflatable boats for the winter season. “Should I leave it inflated, or deflated?”, is probably the most popular so lets start there.

Stowing Your Boat Deflated

If you are going to roll up and store your boat for the winter make sure you keep it off of the floor in your garage. It’s that one mouse you didn’t know you had that’s going to chew holes into it and make it a winter cache or nest. Do make sure your inflatable boat is clean and dry before you roll it up and stick it in it’s bag for several months. If it’s not clean and dry you will have a science experiment on your hands when you unroll it in the spring. The ocean, pond, river or lake included micro-organisms in it’s water that love a dark moist place, don’t make it easy for them. Don’t leave your inflatable boat outside rolled up against the house or you will likely get the science experiment, the mouse holes, and the spiders/ bugs all rolled into a giant spring roll of nightmares when you go to use it.

Don’t leave your boat out in the shed to die, or it likely will. Out of sight out of mind right? I get this call all the time, ” I bought a boat from you a year ago and when I unrolled it the attachments were coming off, is this under warranty?”. Short answer probably not. Typically when I look up the deal  the customer bought it ten years ago and left it to die in his/her shed until someone said “boat” and triggered a memory. A lot of the time they thought they were calling someone else and that short answer sounds like, “I don’t sell insert non-Zodiac brand   here.” Your tin shed can get hotter than Hades in the summer time and colder than the Moon in winter time. Put ten years of that abuse and neglect to any boat, inflatable or otherwise, and you will encounter problems. Keep your investment shipshape by storing it in a house closet or in the garage off the floor and be a happy camper in the spring.

Stowing Your Boat Inflated

This one is hard for some people to figure out for some reason? If you are going to leave your inflatable boat inflated for the winter you better be prepared to kick some air into it once in awhile with your foot pump. Keep it full and firm and problem free.

Listen, air leaks out of a SCUBA tank or welding tank, balloon, etc. It’s air, don’t you remember anything from 2nd grade about air, or at the very least that balloon you tried to save when you were a kid? If you leave your inflatable boat rigged with a motor on a trailer for months of unseen neglect don’t call me in a frantic state on the first nice day to complain that your transom ripped off. (are you reading this volunteer fire dept.s across the country?) Yes it will happen, as the air leaks out the strain on the after tubes becomes non-conducive to a glued joint and it’s longevity. “I left my boat half inflated leaning against the wall and now it has holes in it”. This one sentence says it all in two words, half inflated. If you are going to snag on something believe it’s because there’s not enough air in the boat to keep it rigid and smooth. The guys/gals who are storing their boats this way are asking for a mouse hole or messed up attachments. The inflatable boat gets it’s strength from the air inside of it’s tubes, when you let half of it out you strain the system. It’s like bleeding a warrior of half of his blood then sending him into battle. It just doesn’t work. By far this storage scenario is one of the worst for the dreaded mouse hole problems. When you lean it up against a wall you put it directly in the path of the mice you didn’t think you had, and letting half of the air out only makes it possible for them to chew on it. Hey don’t believe me and IBC’s 40+ years of doing these repairs every single spring, find out for yourself, but don’t complain to me when it’s opening day and we are backed up for weeks with Fire Dept. Rescue Boats. Instead of the half inflated scenario just clean it and roll it up like above paragraphs or keep it full and firm. No one likes a floppy dinghy!

Of you are trailering your boat check it frequently throughout the winter, cover it with a good cover like Carver or Sunbrella and kick air into it when it needs it. Done!

I write this story with snow dumping outside the shop door before I go kick some air into my Bombard C4 Commando. Yes I’m going out tonight and probably in the morning too! I currently use my inflatable boat year round but I’ve stored it for years and years without a problem because I just followed the advice above.



Bombard C5 Commando Goes All The Way Up!

I sell a lot of the Bombard Commando series of inflatable boat, heck I use one myself even. Every once in awhile I come across some unique applications I feel are worthy of mentioning. This C5 Commando user “Janvier” uses the C5 Commando on far away water systems that normal boats could never get to for their fishery work.

The frequently have to dismantle the boats to portage around beaver dams, drop them from aircraft or put the Commando’s immense carrying capacity to use on water only inches deep.

Take this image for example

Janvier's C5 Commando Sockeye Salmon Tranport Tank

While not exciting in it’s self, the Bombard Commando carries a metal tank full of hundreds of gallons of water and about 4000 Sockeye Salmon thru some of the stickiest brush and skinny water on the planet to deliver it’s payload safe and sound.

Janvier says this boat carries more than the 20′ aluminum boat and is infinitely more stable doing so.

I like this one showing the hydrophone and bathymetric gear (yeah I’m all science geeky too)

Janvier's C5 Commando with Science Package
Janvier’s C5 Commando with Science Package

Note the net spool for collecting juvenile Sockeye Salmon for further studies.

Of course any fly fisherman can appreciate the Bombard Commando’s ultimate shallow water operation as illustrated here.


Not bad for a 20 year old boat huh!

Get your next boat at IBC and GO COMMANDO on those hard to get to spots!

You’ll be glad you did….

Images courtesy of the Skeena Fisheries Commission

A First Nations organization studying salmon in the Skeena River Watershed

Avon / Zodiac Milpro UAB Ultimate Adventure Boats

The wonders never cease around IBC.

Many of you white water types would remember the Avon Professional White Water Rafts as the bullet proof work horse of the rafting guides and wilderness expeditions. Everyone from Hollywood film crews on location to Jim the hunting guide or even the lovable Capt. Ron (our own white water savant) will tell you these are the only rafts for any mission on a river.

The big problem was they weren’t available for purchase for quite some time let alone to the general public. This let a bunch of lesser boats into the market place to try to fill the void and left a lot of guides and enthusiasts lamenting the disappearance of the Avons. Most will blame the wars around the world as the Avon plant was shifted into Milpro products only, leaving a gap for the copy cats to fill.

Well good news! IBC has secured the Exclusive on the indefatigable boats of yore and has included a first for the industry with free shipping to the lower 48. There are limited quantities available to the public, military, police and fire rescue depts., guides, etc.

5 Year warranty

Click here and pick from 12′ all the way up to the “Super Pro” mammoth 16 person.

Here’s a couple of pics that will surely bring tears to your white water eyes. (note all boats wear the new Milpro logo)

avon zodiac scout white water raft 2 avon zodiac scout white water raft 3 avon zodiac scout white water raft 4 avon zodiac scout white water raft

The Scout shown above is the smallest model in the series.

The Adventurer (shown below) is the all around 14 footer.

avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 2 avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 3 avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 4  avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 6 avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 7 avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft

If you need to go BIG there’s the Professional and Super Pro (Super Pro shown on bottom)

super pro white water raft 2
Avon / Zodiac Milpro Super Pro

super pro white water raft 4 super pro white water raft logo super pro white water raft

Order online or call (503)235-2628 and own the legend.