New IBC Web Store

The new website/store is almost finished and boy oh boy does it look and function good.
When it launches it will be at the old domain The parts and accessories sections will have you wondering how you made it this far without ever seeing soo many options. Definitely keep checking back at as well as here for more and tricks and super web specials.

Inflatable Boat Works

Welcome to the Inflatable Boat Works site, (soon to be joined to the Inflatable Boat Center’s comprehensive web shop). The Inflatable Boat Center is America’s Senior Zodiac Dealership and offers sales and service on most quality inflatable boat brands for recreation, commercial or military use. Stop by our showroom on 2041 SE Powell Ave., in Portland Oregon and see one of our salaried salesmen for all your inflatable boating needs. Give us a call (503)235-2628 with your questions or concerns regarding repair, accessories, new boat models, yacht tender or special projects.

For fun just add water