Mike Sets Up A Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid

Mike puts a new out of the box Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid together to show just what’s involved. Things that make this easier, that we didn’t do, is to stretch the boat without floorboards on a brand new boat, as well as spray soapy water around the tube to floor fabric seam to let the new floorboards slide into place. A new out of the box boat will fight you for the first assembly so just have patience and if possible a helping hand.

The Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid is probably the most used boat in water rescue and for exploration missions. Tough Zodiac MILPRO NEO/CSM Hypalon lasts for decades making this boat an extreme value for any user. Heavy Duty Aluminum Floorboards with included Zodiac Floor Channel System allows for many accessories to be used expanding mission capabilities even greater.

Get your new Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid and get out on the water today.

Just Ask Steve

Recently one of our customers took a little video of his Bombard Typhoon 360S and talked about some of his experiences with it. We thought we’d share it with you and for all the other Bombard Typhoon owners and Zodiac Bombard Fish N Hunt owners out there. If you are thinking about getting an inflatable boat for a little fun listen to what Steve C has to say.

Steve is a flight instructor who likes to spend some time on the water having fun. Airplane pilot to inflatable boat pilot Steve C does it all and has a lot of fun with his Bombard Typhoon 360S. If you want to have some fun on the water give the fellas at IBC a call (503)235-2628 or shop online via their secure online store.

Zodiac 310 RIB Gets SeaDek

There’s a lot of buzz about SeaDek in the boating world and for good reason. SeaDek manufactures EVA non-skid for boats and anything else that requires good traction in all conditions. What The Inflatable Boat Center does with it is make exclusive custom kits for the Zodiac Yachtline series of inflatable boats, as well as offer solutions for many of the other sport boat types.

Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05401Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05430 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05429 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05428

IBC designed and owns some exclusive kit designs but they also sell sheet material for DIY applications.

One customer named Paul who recently upgraded his dinghy to a Zodiac RIB 310 took a sheet of SeaDek and did his own application.

Paul installs his own SeaDek kit in his new Zodiac 310 SE RIB
Paul installs his own SeaDek kit in his new Zodiac 310 SE RIB

We’re calling Paul for the next shop job his install was so nice!

Mike was one of the first to use SeaDek in an inflatable boat on his Bombard Commando C4R. He got the idea after talking to SeaDek surfing buddy Jason at a boat dealers show and the rest is history.

Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat
Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat

We love the SeaDek product and know you will too! Call us and see what we can do for your boat or if you want to do it yourself what you can do for yourself with IBC and SeaDek.




Zodiac MILPRO Sneak Peak SRA750 & More!

We just got back from Zodiac’s MILPRO Division Training and had a great time with some of the new and some of the old. To start things off we thought you’d like a sneak peak of Zodiac’s D Tube 750 design that has more space inside than anything in the First Responder or Commando range of boats.

Because of the “D Tubes” you no longer have the tubes’ radius intruding on deck space for gear or operations. Our resident operator Adam went out and had a good couple of days running tactical maneuvers and drills to put the new design thru it’s paces. Everyone loves what this boat will do including this writer.

See pics below:

Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB
Scooting along playing chase with the new Zodiac SRA 750. You will be caught!
Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB 4
Circling the prey, it was easy to catch the bad guys. Zodiac SRA 750 Alpha in the pack.
Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB 3
Zodiac’s SRA 750 equipped with Zodiac’s SMS Seat System (shock mitigating seat system)
Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB 2
Maybe we should stop….that Zodiac SRA 750 just came along side and it looks serious.
Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB 1
The Zodiac SRA 750 is designed from the water up to be the dominant force on any water system. Pre order yours from the pros at the Inflatable Boat Center (503)235-2628

The Zodiac SRMN 550 has long been a favorite of the Police and Enforcement Community and one of our favorites for going fast and making high speed high G low radius turns. Adam grabbed a couple of pics between the times he was spraying everyone on the water while piloting the Zodiac SRMN 550.


Zodiac SRMN 550 Console
The Zodiac SRMN 550 with a Grey Console and hull.
Zodiac SRMN 550
Zodiac SRMN 550
Zodiac SRMN 550 3
IBC will rig your Zodiac SRMN 550 with any combination of motor, seat, etc. to make your mission a successful one.

Zodiac SRMN 550 2 Zodiac SRMN 550 1

Last but not least we show the Zodiac SMRN 500 in orange. Chances are you’ve already come across this one in your travels as it’s used throughout the marine community for rescue, safety ,law enforcement, oil rigs, etc.

Mike likes this one for heart pounding performance with “jockey console/seat system” that let’s the operator run it like a supercross racer. Bumps and high G turns are nothing for this model that makes the operator feel they are “Jedi” and the force is strong with them.

Zodiac SRMN 500 RHIB
Zodiac SRMN 500 rigged your way by IBC. (blue lights for law enforcement agencies only)
Zodiac SRMN 500 RHIB 2
Zodiac Professional and Military models available at The Inflatable Boat Center Portland Oregon (503)235-2678


Beach Launching A Zodiac RIB Aussie Style

I get this question asked a lot, “How do you launch a small rib from the beach?”. My answer is usually Aussie Style! For those of you who don’t know what  that means I refer you to the video below.

Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid Assembly

Here’s a few tips on how to assemble your new Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid inflatable boat.

Unroll your Zodiac MK# and fit all floor boards except the middle aluminum one.
Unroll your Zodiac MK3 and fit all floor boards except the middle aluminum one.
Fit the last floor board into one side and make a Teepee.
Fit the last floor board into one side and make a Teepee.
Make a TeePee with the remaining floor section.
Make a TeePee with the remaining floor section.
Push down the Teepee to lock the floors with your stringers.
Push down the Teepee to lock the floors with your stringers.
Place your stringers on the side of the floorboards,
Place your stringers on the side of the floorboards.

Note: when the floor boards aren’t level it is very hard to install the stringers. Try placing the other stringer under the boat to “level The floor boards” or Mike’s technique of utilizing the Navy’s way of kicking a few pumps into the keel then fitting the stringers.

Roll the stringers under the lip of the floorboards to lock them in place.
Roll the stringers under the lip of the floorboards to lock them in place.
Ensure the stingers are fully seated.
Ensure the stingers are fully seated.
Make sure your stringers are "sunny side up" once you see how they fit correctly you won't install them upside down ever.
Make sure your stringers are “sunny side up” once you see how they fit correctly you won’t install them upside down ever.
Inflate and enjoy!
Inflate and enjoy!

It’s A New Year

It’s a new year already and for some boaters that means getting your boat registration renewed. Oregon State Marine Board has a new online renewal system that is up and running and from the feedback we have been getting at the shop it’s a much quicker process than going to the Oregon State Marine Board Headquarters in Salem or mailing in your payment.

Click Here to use the Oregon State Marine Board’s Online System

Also new for this year is the IBC Special Boats Division’s Bombard Commando Package with a 40hp outboard included. This is one of our favorite packages for doing all the work and having all the fun, rolled up into a eyelid peeling performance boat.

Click Here to get an Special Boats Division Commando Package.

The Portland Boat Show is starting next week at the Portland Expo Center so if you are in town stop by our booth at the show for some special pricing that’s too low to publish!

IBC will be in Booth #214 and will be premiering the Bombard Air Ethic 500, The Zodiac Pro 550 Special Edition, Zodiac Bayrunner 500, the 2015 Highfield line, Cardinal Inflatable boats, and many more that will get you out on the water and in the fun zone.

2015 is looking to be the best year for inflatable boats yet as more and more people everywhere are learning the benefits of the inflatable boat over traditional boats.

Wednesday, January 7th – Sunday, January 11th, 2015

Halls C, D & E

Wed thru Friday 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

$10 General
Kids 12 & Under are FREE

Parking is $8 per space, per entry. Carpools of three or more are $7.
Exhibitor parking is $7 and includes in and out privileges.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as 2015 progresses.


It’s Cold Outside Time To Winterize Your Outboard

Mike Scrapes the ice off of his truck so he can go launch his Bombard Commando for a little winter fun.

It’s that time of year here in the NW where boaters should be thinking about winterizing their outboard motors until the spring season. If you are like Mike and use your boat everyday through the winter then don’t fret, but if you are like the other 99.9 % of us who think snow and ice are cold then it’s time to winterize. Winterizing at the dealer is a good preventative step to ensure happy camper experiences in the spring.

The boys out for a little winter fun in the Bombard Commando

All it takes is a quick visit to IBC or your local dealer if you are out of state to get your lower unit serviced, your cylinders fogged and your carbs drained. If you have a fuel water separator change it and drain or stabilize your fuel tank also. In the spring when you start it up for the first time wait until the fogging oil is burned off (it’ll smoke until it’s all gone), then change the plugs and crank case oil. That’s it! Pretty easy huh?

It’s also a good idea to think about your water pump impellor, Mike does his every year, but most of you can get away with every two years unless you aren’t discharging water from the tell tale or it is a weak stream.

Mike changes his every year, you should do it every other year unless you run like Mike.
Mike changes his every year, you should do it every other year unless you run like Mike.

Take good care of your outboard and it will give you years of trouble free operation keeping you a very happy camper indeed.

Storing Your Inflatable Boat For The Winter

This time of year I get quite a few calls about storing inflatable boats for the winter season. “Should I leave it inflated, or deflated?”, is probably the most popular so lets start there.

Stowing Your Boat Deflated

If you are going to roll up and store your boat for the winter make sure you keep it off of the floor in your garage. It’s that one mouse you didn’t know you had that’s going to chew holes into it and make it a winter cache or nest. Do make sure your inflatable boat is clean and dry before you roll it up and stick it in it’s bag for several months. If it’s not clean and dry you will have a science experiment on your hands when you unroll it in the spring. The ocean, pond, river or lake included micro-organisms in it’s water that love a dark moist place, don’t make it easy for them. Don’t leave your inflatable boat outside rolled up against the house or you will likely get the science experiment, the mouse holes, and the spiders/ bugs all rolled into a giant spring roll of nightmares when you go to use it.

Don’t leave your boat out in the shed to die, or it likely will. Out of sight out of mind right? I get this call all the time, ” I bought a boat from you a year ago and when I unrolled it the attachments were coming off, is this under warranty?”. Short answer probably not. Typically when I look up the deal  the customer bought it ten years ago and left it to die in his/her shed until someone said “boat” and triggered a memory. A lot of the time they thought they were calling someone else and that short answer sounds like, “I don’t sell insert non-Zodiac brand   here.” Your tin shed can get hotter than Hades in the summer time and colder than the Moon in winter time. Put ten years of that abuse and neglect to any boat, inflatable or otherwise, and you will encounter problems. Keep your investment shipshape by storing it in a house closet or in the garage off the floor and be a happy camper in the spring.

Stowing Your Boat Inflated

This one is hard for some people to figure out for some reason? If you are going to leave your inflatable boat inflated for the winter you better be prepared to kick some air into it once in awhile with your foot pump. Keep it full and firm and problem free.

Listen, air leaks out of a SCUBA tank or welding tank, balloon, etc. It’s air, don’t you remember anything from 2nd grade about air, or at the very least that balloon you tried to save when you were a kid? If you leave your inflatable boat rigged with a motor on a trailer for months of unseen neglect don’t call me in a frantic state on the first nice day to complain that your transom ripped off. (are you reading this volunteer fire dept.s across the country?) Yes it will happen, as the air leaks out the strain on the after tubes becomes non-conducive to a glued joint and it’s longevity. “I left my boat half inflated leaning against the wall and now it has holes in it”. This one sentence says it all in two words, half inflated. If you are going to snag on something believe it’s because there’s not enough air in the boat to keep it rigid and smooth. The guys/gals who are storing their boats this way are asking for a mouse hole or messed up attachments. The inflatable boat gets it’s strength from the air inside of it’s tubes, when you let half of it out you strain the system. It’s like bleeding a warrior of half of his blood then sending him into battle. It just doesn’t work. By far this storage scenario is one of the worst for the dreaded mouse hole problems. When you lean it up against a wall you put it directly in the path of the mice you didn’t think you had, and letting half of the air out only makes it possible for them to chew on it. Hey don’t believe me and IBC’s 40+ years of doing these repairs every single spring, find out for yourself, but don’t complain to me when it’s opening day and we are backed up for weeks with Fire Dept. Rescue Boats. Instead of the half inflated scenario just clean it and roll it up like above paragraphs or keep it full and firm. No one likes a floppy dinghy!

Of you are trailering your boat check it frequently throughout the winter, cover it with a good cover like Carver or Sunbrella and kick air into it when it needs it. Done!

I write this story with snow dumping outside the shop door before I go kick some air into my Bombard C4 Commando. Yes I’m going out tonight and probably in the morning too! I currently use my inflatable boat year round but I’ve stored it for years and years without a problem because I just followed the advice above.



IBC + Seadek + Zodiac Yachtline = Fantastic Tender Solutions

You may be asking where do I get one of those awesome Teak Kits for my Zodiac Yachtline 340DL (or 380, 420,etc.) like that one family had. Well if you want the kind to bare feet, easy to care for kit the answer is IBC of course.

IBC created CAD/CAM files and worked closely with SeaDek in creation of several kits for models of luxury tenders. The kits are another IBC World exclusive product that can be customized with custom colors and artwork if the teak look isn’t for you.

You went to the Inflatable Boat Center Website and ordered up your kit, “How do I put it on?” you ask yourself.

What you need before you begin;

glass cleaner with ammonia or action-tac

lint free rags for cleaning

razor blade or box cutter

tape measure or ruler

1. Unpack your kit and place it on the boat to match up the correct parts to their correct places. If you stick a kit panel down it’s stuck there’s no repositioning, so be right the first time.


Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05401 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05402 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05403 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05404 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05405 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05406 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05407 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054082. Score thru the paper backing (careful don’t cut the panel just the paper) on the kit panel about halfway across and apply strips of tape to help hold it in place when you are ready to peel off the paper carrier sheet.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054093.Tape down section then bend the sheet to get the other peel half started. Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054104.Peel off paper backing and smooth down with your hand taking care to evenly apply to prevent any air bubbles.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054115.Bend other half of panel and repeat step above.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054126.Press firmly all over panel to ensure good adhesion.

Repeat on remaining kit panels and enjoy!

Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05413 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05414 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05415 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05416 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05417 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05418 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05419 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05420 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05421 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05422 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05423 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05424 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05425 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05426 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05427 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05428 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05429 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05430