Zodiac MILPRO SRA 750 Water Test

It’s 4:04 AM and I can’t sleep, I’m anxious about the morning’s mission on Zodiac’s new MILPRO SRA 750 with “D-Tubes”.

What are “D-Tubes”? Zodiac has come up with the “D-Tube” sponson and new heavy duty aluminum hull design to give more interior space to the military and professional operator. Basically the interior space that is consumed with a traditional tubeset has been recovered making it suitable for a pilot house, bathymetric gear, gun mounts, salvage or “yellow gear” to those in the trade, and so much more. Exceeding expectations and delivering top tier performance is what the Zodiac MILPRO SRA750 does best.

Our mission today was to demonstrate the Zodiac MILPRO SRA750’s capabilities on the water to people who work on the water daily. Imagine military sf operators, law enforcement and other state and federal agencies all drooling over the chance to run the Zodiac SRA750 on a very cold and wet day where no one in their right mind would be and you get the picture. This boat was made for the very worst of conditions and it delivers mind blowing performance and unmatched stability in a mission configurable package that can be towed on a trailer, dropped from a helicopter or launched from a ship.

Those mariners who need advanced electronics to carry out their missions will revel at the Zodiac MILPRO SRA 750’s capabilities to mount just about any sort of electronics hardware available to them on the market today. The extra special stuff the military special forces community uses is at home here and in full effect. I can’t mention what this one had but let’s just say the coolness factor has been turned all the way up to 11!

We have a couple of Evinrude E-Tecs hanging off the back with some interesting bells and whistles that allow for multi-mode handling and operations to meet any water head on, but they aren’t what this post is about. Yes the motors are huge, and yes we went very fast totally devouring the miles and quickly overtaking the other federal agencies trying to keep pace.

Much of the MILPRO SRA750 is shrouded in secrecy and for good reason, the Zodiac SRA750 is the “Tip Of The Spear” in certain configurations for America’s most elite warriors operating in the most hostile of situations. This boat goes in and returns without anyone ever knowing that anything was in the water or on the beach thereby leaving the locals to take credit for the operation or to scratch their confused heads wondering what just happened. The Zodiac SRA750 doesn’t seek notoriety, it doesn’t ask it’s operators to go easy, and it needs no reward, it simply exists to do it’s mission better than anything else and bring it’s crew home again.

If you qualify to own the Zodiac MILPRO SRA750 give America’s Certified Elite MILPRO Dealer The Inflatable Boat Center a call (503)235-2628 or check IBC out online and complete your missions in confidence.