Assembly Of The Cardinal CDDG230 “Doughnut Boat” Dinghy

This one is pretty straight forward as a proper dinghy should be. Introducing the doughnut boat or DG230 dinghy. It’s as simple as it comes. Simply unroll and inflate. Presto! You’ve just completed the assembly process! Add the oars and woosh you’re off. Don’t want to row or paddle? No problem Cardinal has you covered with a removable outboard motor transom that simply fits over some d-rings and is tied on with a simple piece of line. That’s right no tools! Don’t take my word for it have a look at the un-boxing and assembly of the Cardinal CDDG230 for yourself.

See the pics below for maximum effect 😉


Un-boxing the Maxxon DG230
Un-boxing the Cardinal CDDG230


Unroll and assemble/inflate
Unroll and assemble/inflate

3.maxxon dg230 3 maxxon dg230 4 maxxon dg230 5 maxxon dg230 6 maxxon dg230 7 maxxon dg230 8 maxxon dg230 9

The Cardinal CDDG230 Dinghy, a smooth operator in a sea of lesser boats. Get one at or call (503)235-2628 to order over the phone.

Bombard Commando C4 Assembly

Here’s a couple of questions I get asked by first time buyers and seasoned sailors alike;”How does the Bombard Commando stack up against other inflatable boats with an inflatable keel?” and “I heard the Bombard Commando boats are hard to put together because they have a wooden keel, is that true?”

Well, the first answer is they stack up pretty well and in most cases better than an air keeled boat due to the wooden keel and heavy duty floorboard arrangement. They typically go faster, carry more weight, and perform much better in turns and in chop not to mention usually they are rated for more horse power.

The second answer is a bit easier and is a resounding “FALSE”! They go together very easily indeed when following the steps in order. In this writer’s opinion they go together much easier because the keel does all of the hard work when fitting floorboards and stringers. When you compare putting a Classic or Futura together you know the stringers and floorboards can be a real bear.

I took a few pics of Mike putting together a C4 yesterday to illustrate the point. When we filmed him in one shot on a MK2 Classic assembly it took him about 20 minutes to do it by himself. When we went to set up the cameras yesterday he was done before we were and had an informal time of about seven minutes by himself. Just to clarify he used a 12 volt inflation pump on both models instead of the foot pump supplied with the boats.

The pics follow below in order of operation.

1. inflate a new boat out of the box without the floorboards to “stretch it out”

Stretch your boat without the floorboards prior to assembling for the first time.
Stretch your boat without the floorboards prior to assembling for the first time.

2. deflate the boat hull to prepare for assembly

Deflate your boat to prepare for assembly
Deflate your boat to prepare for assembly

3. fit the forward floorboard onto the forward keel section and place into bow of boat ensuring the keel is in the keel locks

bombard commando c4 keel lock3

bombard commando c4 keel lock2

bombard commando c4 forward keel

bombard commando c4 forward floorboards 1

bombard commando c4 keel lock

4. add the rest of the keel sections

bombard commando c4 keel teepee

5. add the remaining forward floor boards ensuring they are fit tight together

bombard commando c4 forward floorboards 22 bombard commando c4 forward floorboards3

6. install the transom or aft floorboard (the floorboards have a sticker showing their proper location)

bombard commando c4 transom floorboard sticker

bombard commando c4 transom floorboard

7. install remaining floorboards in their respective places ensuring the keel locks are in and form a teepee

bombard commando c4 floorboard teepee bombard commando c4 floorboard teepee2

8. push the floorboards down with your foot and install the stringers

bombard commando c4 pushing floorboards down

bombard commando c4 stringer

9. inflate the chambers to shape equally then to pressure equally, this will ensure you aren’t straining the baffles between the individual chambers.

bombard commando c4 inflation3bombard commando c4 inflation2bombard commando c4 inflation1bombard commando c4 inflationbombard commando c4 assembled10. hang your motor and go!

As always IBC is here for you if you have any questions by calling (503)235-2628 or by visiting us online at   



Zodiac Zoom 450 SP AL Assembly

I get alot of calls every day from people who want to know how to assemble an inflatable boat. Since I was breaking out a new Zodiac Zoom 450 SP AL for the showroom I figured this was as good a time as any to take some pics and write a few words on inflatable boat assembly. Almost every inflatable boat will assemble the same way from the military, commercial, and recreational to the cheap “shower curtain” copy cats out there.

1. Remove your boat from it’s bag or box, unroll it and inflate it without the floorboards. Do this for the very first assembly of a new boat to “stretch it” out and let it stand for at least an hour. (not required if your boat is not brand new)

zodiac zoom 450 sp al preassembly inflation

2. Deflate the hull and begin placing the floorboards.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al preassembly deflated

3. Place the aft floorboard into the hull and slide it back under the batten on the transom. (take care to align the drain plug cutout if present)

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor 1

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor batten

4. Install the forward bow board into the hull making sure it’s seated against the forward seam and the keel tube is centered in the keel valve access hole.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor 2

5. Add remaining floor boards (the number of floor boards will vary from boat model to boat model) leaving the last board out to form a teepee.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor numbers

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor 32

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor 42

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor 4

6. Add the last floorboard to the boat and fix one end into the tongue and groove leaving the other end to overlap the remaining end.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor pre teepee zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor pre teepee2

7. Lift open floorboard ends up and place the tongue and groove ends together forming a “teepee”.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor teepee

8. Push down on the “teepee” with your foot taking care not to pinch your fabric.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor teepee2

9. Install your stringers (the extruded metal floorboard locking pieces) over the floorboard joints. The Zodiac Zoom 450SPAL has 3 per side for a total of 6, your boat model will vary.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al stringers zodiac zoom 450 sp al floors stringers2 zodiac zoom 450 sp al floors stringers

10. Inflate your boat to shape equally in each chamber starting at the bow and working your way aft. Do not inflate to full pressure on any single chamber until all chambers are to shape equally.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al chamber11 zodiac zoom 450 sp al chamber2 zodiac zoom 450 sp al chamber3 zodiac zoom 450 sp al chamber51 zodiac zoom 450 sp al chamber4

Note if you are installing the seat on your boat be sure and install it before you get it up to pressure or you will have a hard time.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al seat

11. Inflate the chambers to pressure (generally 3.5 psi)

zodiac zoom 450 sp al chamber4 pressure zodiac zoom 450 sp al chamber5

12. Inflate the keel last (generally 3.5 psi) then place the cap on the valve. The valve caps are the actual air seal on the boat so ensure they are in place prior to getting underway.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al keel inflation zodiac zoom 450 sp al floor keel opening

13. Assemble and install the oars or paddles depending on your model.

zodiac zoom 450 sp al pre assembled oar zodiac zoom 450 sp al assembled oar

14. Enjoy the ride!

zodiac zoom 450 sp al assembled scale

If you have questions give us a call (503)235-2628 or visit us online to buy your next Inflatable Boat

Dr. Bombard’s Journey

It’s October again and that always makes me think of Dr. Bombard’s journey accross the Atlantic Ocean alone in a prototype inflatable boat.

On October 19th 1952 Dr. Bombard proved a castaway could survive in a liferaft until rescue on what the ocean could provide. With no food or water on his boat Dr. Bombard drifted for 65 days to prove his point. Dubbed the Heretique his prototype MK3 inflatable boat built by Zodiac would catapult survival at sea ahead centuries and boat design and knowlege immeasureably.

Starting October 19th and continuing on until December 23rd IBC will offer all Bombard Inflatable Boats in stock at an even better discount.
Our way of paying respect to Dr. Bombard and helping to get another generation of explorers on the water and off to adventure. Supplies limited to what’s on hand in the showroom and ware house.

This is a great time to buy as all new stock will be priced higher to reflect cost incereases for next season. Don’t worry IBC has a long history with the Bombard line and will always have boats coming, but not always at the price offered during the sale.

If you are looking for a jet powered inflatable boat the Bombard Commando series is the go to design. This custom mod from IBC is used by professionals the world over for shallow water operations, fishery based platforms, rescue, and law enforcement. A boat that can be rolled up and put into a small plane, car, or boat allows for rapid deployment anywhere there is water and a need for ultimate performance.

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