Pacific NW Sportsman’s Show Ends

As the show came to a close Sunday night we said goodbye to old friends and new alike. IBC would like to thank everyone who came by our booth to see the Sportsman’s Classic Package . Fisherman and outdoors enthusiasts lucky enough to have got one at the discounted show rate will be challenging everyone else this year with a boat and a motor package that goes into a compact car or small bush plane. Making the world more accessible to a wider group of people is what we do daily at IBC.

Lots of celebrities were on hand at our booth giving tips on bass fishing, tuna techniques, and back country affairs to make even the most seasoned pro pay close attention. The word is getting out, inflatable boats do more with less hassle and a lower cost of ownership than traditional boat systems.

IBC Pro Mike takes a second to have a brat and tell bass fishing stories with friend Rowland Martin at the IBC Both.
IBC Pro Mike takes a second to have a brat and tell bass fishing stories with friend Rowland Martin at the IBC Both.

Here’s fishing legend Rowland Martin with IBC Pro Mike eating brats and telling fish tales at the booth. If you missed Roland’s demo or talk catch up with him here on his website.

If you missed the show but still want to score a good deal on an inflatable boat for your next adventure by giving us a call (503)235-2628 or stopping by the IBC website.

Update: one of my manufacturers shot me this pic of Rowland Martin in one of their “3 Legends” kayaks that were offered a couple of years ago to the fishing marketplace. He also stated that Mike’s circle of friends was improving… hahaha! Enjoy!

Legendary fisherman Rowland Martin takes out a Maxxon kayak for a little quiet time on the water.
Legendary fisherman Rowland Martin takes out a Maxxon kayak for a little quiet time on the water.

Boat Show Specials End Soon

Well another boat show has come and gone but not the savings. IBC is holding their boat show special pricing for a short period to allow those of you who live too far away to attend a chance on some great deals.

We have about 50 boats on display in our main showroom right now so stop in and check out the deals like IBC’s new Zodiac Pro Open 650 Neo Deluxe.

Shop online for even more boats at even more savings!

Rozalia Project’s Year In Review

IBC provided Rozalia Project’s Bombard Commando C3 for their extended mission profile and they have been using it like it was meant to be used. The Bombard C3 Commando was recommended to them by high latitude sailor Skip Novak as the go to expedition boat for remote access. IBC also uses the Bombard Commando series of inflatable boats for much of their use as well. Capt. Ron raced his C3 Commando just about everywhere to much acclaim for example. We have countless surfers, fishermen, explorers, and recreational users going where others can’t in their Bombard Commandos. Unbelievable carrying capacity on an ultra-stable platform means impossible things become realities. Check out Rozalia Project’s video below and see some of the things they do in their Bombard Commando C3.
Published on Dec 21, 2015

Rozalia Project’s mission is to clean and protect the ocean. This video, by Alex Levin, introduces Rozalia Project through the experience of the ParleyxRozalia Expedition.

ParleyxRozalia: An Expedition for the Oceans took place in July and August of 2015 on remote islands and hard to reach shorelines in the Gulf of Maine. Our objective was to pick up as much ocean trash as we could, bring it back to the mainland for upcycling and recycling and work with coastal residents to collect data and develop solutions to the problem.

Thanks to our partner, Parley for the Oceans, and parters and host organizations around the country, during this expedition, we removed over 130,000 pieces of marine debris from shorelines, engaged thousands of people in person and through social media and collected data that will lead us to solutions and innovations to get ahead of this problem.

Interested in joining a Rozalia Project expedition? Learn more and check out volunteer opportunities for people of all professional and academic backgrounds ages 18+ on or on our Facebook page.

Dr. Bombard’s Journey

It’s October again and that always makes me think of Dr. Bombard’s journey accross the Atlantic Ocean alone in a prototype inflatable boat.

On October 19th 1952 Dr. Bombard proved a castaway could survive in a liferaft until rescue on what the ocean could provide. With no food or water on his boat Dr. Bombard drifted for 65 days to prove his point. Dubbed the Heretique his prototype MK3 inflatable boat built by Zodiac would catapult survival at sea ahead centuries and boat design and knowlege immeasureably.

Starting October 19th and continuing on until December 23rd IBC will offer all Bombard Inflatable Boats in stock at an even better discount.
Our way of paying respect to Dr. Bombard and helping to get another generation of explorers on the water and off to adventure. Supplies limited to what’s on hand in the showroom and ware house.

This is a great time to buy as all new stock will be priced higher to reflect cost incereases for next season. Don’t worry IBC has a long history with the Bombard line and will always have boats coming, but not always at the price offered during the sale.

If you are looking for a jet powered inflatable boat the Bombard Commando series is the go to design. This custom mod from IBC is used by professionals the world over for shallow water operations, fishery based platforms, rescue, and law enforcement. A boat that can be rolled up and put into a small plane, car, or boat allows for rapid deployment anywhere there is water and a need for ultimate performance.

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