Avon Seasport Tenders In Stock At IBC

The re-introduction of the Avon RIB line to the yachting community brings some new and exciting models. So far IBC has the Avon 340 and 360 Seasport models in stock and ready to find a new mothership.

Stay tuned to IBC and the IBC Blog for updates and videos about new models and some models we’ve come to love over the years.

Shop online thru our web store www.inflatableboats.com or at our shop in Portland Oregon and see boats for everything on the water.

Questions? Call the pros at IBC (503)235-2628

Avon Seasport 340

Avon Seasport 360

 (more pics coming soon)

Avon Seasport 380

Avon Seasport 400

Avon Seasport 420

Avon Seasport 440

Avon Seasport 470

Avon Seasport 490

Avon Seasport Grand Tender 850

Dear IBC, Please Bring Avon Back

Dear IBC, please bring Avon back to the US market. As long time sailors we’ve come to really appreciate our old Avon yacht tender in our travels. Everyone always comes up to us and asks where we got our Avon, “Can IBC get us one?” etc. It’s getting to where we can’t go to a port without worry of someone stealing ours out of pure envy alone. Sailors world wide want the Avon tenders back, can you help us?

We’ve heard and documented your calls and read and filed your letters. At the 2017 Portland Boat Show you will know IBC’s answer!

Without spoiling it for anyone IBC will be showing at least one new/old model of some fame. Curious yet? Others are in the works and will be in the shop soon, let’s just say the future looks bright from France, the U.K., and the good old US of A.

Interested parties should call Adam (503)235-2628 to set up an appointment at the show or in the shop to talk about your new deluxe tender.

New things are afoot for the RIB market in other areas too. Recent secret photos have been obtained from deep behind the Hypalon Curtain showing new models being made, ready for shipping to a secret IBC SBD testing location. 2017 is bringing sweeping change and new innovation that will undoubtedly change the seascape for good.