Zodiac Bombard Commando Summer

The trend of “Going Commando” continues to increase this boating season with more and more people realizing that the Bombard Commando meets their needs and then some.

Considering that the Zodiac Bombard Commando doesn’t come with any lipstick or rouge, or in other words fancy accessories, you wouldn’t think they would sell so quickly or well. Imagine a boat that will fold up and go into a small plane or submarine, even the family car that will take a goodly amount of power and handle the worst water. Now forget about what you were thinking and picture this.

Bombard Commando C3

What The Bombard Commando series represents is a good solid platform that is configurable for most any mission on the water. We have cut our teeth at IBC in class 5 white water running souped up outboards with the Bombard Commandos starting with Captain Ron. IBC’s Mike has utilized the Commando series on countless missions in the polar and equatorial regions and swears by it’s dependability and stamina in the face of adversity. Both Mike and Capt. Ron still own Bombard Commandos all these years later providing proof of the Bombard Commandos’ durability.

Many of IBC’s customers have been on the Bombard Commando boats since their inception in the very early 80’s. Once you get used to the performance of a Bombard Commando it’s hard to go to another boat type despite the attractiveness of some of the offerings today.

While we still class this boat series as recreational, many rescue and enforcement teams have recognized the advantages offered by the more rigid wooden keel setup and bigger outboards the Bombard Commando allows. Ease of assembly with the wooden keel far outstrips the inflatable keel variety in this size and class of boat due to relieving the tension on the inside of the tubes caused by the bow sag on a deflated tube. The once common place wooden keel fell by the roadside during the leisure society movement to make it easier for families to manage parts wise.

If you flash back forward you’ll see Bombard Commandos used for fishery science, marine mammal research, ecological missions, high latitude sailing, fishing, hunting, water sports, law enforcement, fire rescue, and the list goes on and on and on.

Here’s a few pics of what’s what from our friends afloat.

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IBC Takes Out KOIN Channel 6 For A Ride

IBC is always there when you need them, this morning IBC sent Mike out on the water at 0400 to rendezvous at the Portland Fire dock with The Human Access Project and KOIN Channel 6. The Morning’s mission was simple, take out V.I.P.s to get media coverage for an upcoming event on the Willamette River and to announce the opening of Portland’s first public access beach downtown known as “Poet’s Beach”.

full story here

Everyone marveled at the Zodiac Bombard Commando’s ability to be a stable platform that carries a tremendous amount of cargo for it’s size.  It’s the most requested boat for filming because it handles any water any time.

Summer time means we are always out on the water in some fashion supporting a cause, doing rescue training or just having fun. If you’ve ever wondered about an inflatable boat there’s no time like the present to get started with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.

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Portland Bridge Swim 2017

The past weekend has been a busy one for us here at IBC in the shop and on the water. Sunday the 9th IBC was on hand to provide security, rescue, and safety to the Portland Bridge Swim.

IBC’s Mike was on the water lending a hand to swimmers in distress as well as some boaters too. The day started out simple and slow but before the swimmers had reached the end of Ross Island Mike had already secured a boat fire and taken the vessel into tow. Mike’s Bombard Commando C4R made quick work out of the Four Winns cuddy cabin with a side tow setup to the Bombard Commandos’s hog strap. The Tohatsu TLDI 40HP outboard took the stricken vessel upriver effortlessly and put her into place at Willamette Park Boat Ramp docks. Upon leaving the area to rejoin the swimmers and resume patrol Mike came upon another older wooden vessel who was DIW (dead in the water). Once again the Bombard Commando C4 was put into rescue and salvage service for a boat much larger and heavier than the Four Winns cabin boat he just quit. After a short time Mike had the other stricken vessel secured at the dock and was back on patrol.

By now the Sun was higher in the sky and there were a great many boats on the water both commercial and recreational. IBC was tasked at this point to maintain a safety corridor for swimmers transiting down river. The duty was easy for Mike’s Bombard Commando  rigged with the Tohatsu TLDI. The Tohatsu TLDI 40hp is a two stroke low pressure direct injection  motor with legendary performance and CARB 3 STAR rating for ultra low emissions. Interception and rerouting of marine traffic was no problem for the Bombard Commando and the Tohatsu TLDI 40 coupled to IBC’s Mike and his ICOM M88 radio.

As Swan Island loomed large so did the US Navy ships and their special security needs. All boats , swimmers, etc. had to maintain a 200 yard exclusion zone from the US Naval vessels and special LEO units were on hand to enforce that rule. Upon seeing Mike arrive in his C4 Commando wearing Inflatable Boat Center banners duties were transferred over to IBC. Mike positioned committee boats along the zone for exclusion and course guidance and set up comms for the duration of the event transit. When IBC’s Mike was properly relieved he quit the zone and got underway for area Gulf to ensure swimmer safety and traffic rules were being met and enforced on the water. Much of IBC’s time in area Gulf was in the realm of interception due to the Bombard Commando’s high rate of speed and maneuverability Mike was able to catch every boat type from ski to fishing to commercial who entered the course or operated in an unsafe manner. Luckily no one was ticketed and everyone was happy to comply once they found out there were swimmers in the zone. Perhaps what is most telling is the boat owners who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars were all humbled publicly by IBC’s Mike with his C4 Commando!

All in all the days event went without any real issues with only some minor rescues and a couple of tows, all done with the Bombard Commando C4, Tohatsu TLDI 40 (with Prop Guard), and our crusty rescue/salvage sailor Mike representing IBC on the water.

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Going Commando On Salmon

No matter how many times I get asked about fishing from inflatable boats, I  never get tired of hearing the variable questions from people wondering if it’s possible.

If you live or fish from around where I operate I say no of course, because I don’t want to share my secret spots. The real answer is yes, yes you can, and yes you can catch a lot of fish too! Adam and I get into spots others fear to float and reap huge rewards for it. Sure you can fish all the spots the tin boats do, you’ll likely get some looks from folks thinking they are the business. I just wave and smile because I know when those boats go down it’ll be me or another inflatable boat that’s comes and rescues them.

Seaworthy just doesn’t describe the inflatable boat, why else are lifeboats manufactured using the same technology?

Back to the fishing topic, downriggers, rod holders, shrimp and crab trap pullers,etc. can all be readily mounted to an inflatable boat making the gear heads happy in their endeavor. When you’re done it all can roll up and fit into your car or truck along with your catch and fish stories. Many of the serious fishing fanatics keep their boats on trailers and hop from spot to spot making use of local knowledge and lore to haul out monster fish. This can be you too, all you need is the will to fish and an inflatable boat to do it in.

Here’s a couple of pics from My fishing trip last Sunday.

Mike wouldn't let us use any pics that showed his secret spot but he did share the catch pics.
Mike wouldn’t let us use any pics that showed his secret spot but he did share the catch pics.
Location = somewhere in the NW.
Location = somewhere in the NW.

I’ll never tell where I fish except to the state when I tag my limit on my tag. Go out and explore your world there are secrets out there waiting to be discovered.

My boat of choice is my old reliable Bombard C-4R get one today and start your own adventure.

Inflatable Boats Converge On Beacon Rock

IBC’s Adam and Mike went on a mission with a couple of friends to Washington’s Beacon Rock to enjoy one of our last sunny days here in the NW. Everyone met up in Oregon at Chinook Landing for the 20 mile up river run at 10:00 AM. Friends in attendance included Katie in Adam’s boat and Ty in his own Zodiac Futura MK2C. The morning was cool and overcast with a 5 knot West wind letting the boats settle in for what looked like a perfect day on the water. Fog and haze was cooking off quickly by the time the flotilla made it to Rooster Rock State Park in Oregon. Along the way Adam in his Zodiac MK1 Futura S,Mike in his Bombard Commando C4R, and Ty in his new Zodiac MK2C Futura played games and completed maneuvers in high speed handling and close quarters operations. A good time was had by all!

By the time we made it to Washington’s Beacon Rock State Park it was full speed ahead for the next adventure. We pulled into perfect weather and beautiful vistas in the marina with plenty of dock space for everyone including the Portland Yacht Club on their annual cruise. The group made their way from the marina over the well groomed trail to the rock’s main trail and ascended the 52 switchbacks to the summit. It couldn’t have been a better day.

The trip back down river was bumpy until we got past Oregon’s Rooster Rock State Park and then it was smooth sailing again all the way back to Chinook Landing’s boat ramp. All in all it was a grand adventure worth the price of admission.

If this sounds appealing to you go to www.inflatableboats.com and start your adventure today, or stop by our showroom on 2041 SE Powell Blvd. and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff to outfit your own personal  adventure.

You’ll be glad you did!