River Huggers Press Day with Portland’s Mayor Wheeler and IBC

Monday started early for IBC as we made ready and launched at 4:00 am to support the Portland River Huggers swim across the Willamette River. Portland’s very own Mayor Ted Wheeler joined in the swim and several news teams were there to cover it from all angles, our job was easy, we just piloted the boat. ūüôā IBC’s Mike was on station to take out the media and provide safety and rescue services as needed with the 40 Hp rigged Zodiac Bombard C4R Commando.

Thankfully there were no casualties and everyone had the endurance to make the swim under their own steam. Mike (our intrepid adventurer) pretty much insists on using the Zodiac Bombard Commando platform as his vessel of choice in marine operations. Mike keeps his boat open and mission configurable to quickly adapt to conditions and the ever changing marinescape as it unfolds.

IBC provided a platform for the various news channels to film and report on the events as they unfolded live on the water. Mike grabbed a couple of selfies with the news to prove to the boss he wasn’t sleeping in which are featured below. To view the news articles about the Willamette River click the links provided.

KOIN TV Article

KPTV TV Article

River Huggers Out On The Willamette For The Summer

To find out more about inflatable boats call (503)235-2628 and ask for Adam or visit IBC online via their website inflatableboats.com

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IBC Takes Out KOIN Channel 6 For A Ride

IBC is always there when you need them, this morning IBC sent Mike out on the water at 0400 to rendezvous at the Portland Fire dock with The Human Access Project and KOIN Channel 6. The Morning’s mission was simple, take out V.I.P.s to get media coverage for an upcoming event on the Willamette River and to announce the opening of Portland’s first public access beach downtown known as “Poet’s Beach”.

full story here

Everyone marveled at the Zodiac Bombard Commando’s ability to be a stable platform that carries a tremendous amount of cargo for it’s size.¬† It’s the most requested boat for filming because it handles any water any time.

Summer time means we are always out on the water in some fashion supporting a cause, doing rescue training or just having fun. If you’ve ever wondered about an inflatable boat there’s no time like the present to get started with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.

Give The Inflatable Boat Center a call today and start your own adventure.


Rozalia Project Combats Plastic In Oceans

If you know anyone from IBC then you know we hate garbage in our oceans. Midway and Laysan are prime examples of what “away” means when you throw something away. Those secluded distant low islands are magnets for tons of plastic debris adrift in the pacific. If we look closer to home we see even more plastic waste in our marinas, bays and beaches choking our mammals, birds and fish to the brink of extinction.We’ve all heard or seen the pacific gyre garbage patch and thought how it kills sea life on documentaries but what has anyone done?¬† Enter¬†The Rozalia Project….

The Rozalia Project contacted IBC for one of¬†our Bombard Commando’s (that we love so much) by way of recommendation from Skip Novak of Yachting World’s “Storm Sailing Techniques” series. Skip uses a Bombard Commando C3 for his polar adventures, so does our very own Mike, Ron, and many many others. The Rozalia Project is preparing for a polar mission to conduct plastic garbage clean up and research on environmental concerns before it’s too late for this big blue marble we call home. Their Bombard Commando C3 is able to pack down and stow on The Rozalia Project’s green mothership ( the greenest sailing vessel in the world) American Promise.

The endeavor is one that seems impossible given the size and scope of the ecological nightmare we all face but one The Rozalia Project and Bombard Commando C3 is facing head on. Take a look at some of the photos we received from members of The Rozalia Project earlier this week. Don’t try doing this with a traditional boat or you will be sunk!

If you haven’t done it yet go to The Rozalia Project’s website¬†and support their cause, and see what you can do locally. Portlanders looking to get involved locally can contact The Human Access Project to volunteer.

If you are looking for a boat that does it all contact The Inflatable Boat Center (503) 235-2628.




River Surveying From An Inflatable Boat

IBC is closing early today at 4:00PM to allow IBC Special Operators Adam and Mike to operate survey boats for Portland City Officials and Oregon State Officials in conjunction with the Human Access Project. Wave if you see us on the water and know IBC is there for the community and for clean water rights for everyone.

IBC was chosen for this task because the inflatable boat represents the perfect platform for getting into those hard to reach areas hidden areas a regular boat simply cannot access. Stop by the IBC showroom and see how an inflatable boat can change the way you do things on the water.

Inflatable Boat Center

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Do your part and help keep the Oregon waters clean and accessible for future generations.

Click for more information on the Human Access Project.


Here are a few pics from last nights mission.

human access project scouting trip 3 human access project scouting trip 4 human access project scouting trip 5 human access project scouting trip 6 human access project scouting trip 7 human access project scouting trip 8 human access project scouting trip 9 human access project scouting trip 10 human access project scouting trip human access project will human access project human access project board of directors human access project scouting trip 2

City planners, designers and architects made the journey along with citizens concerned with water quality and public access. IBC provided operators and inflatable boats to conduct the survey as well as some ideas on how to accomplish future goals concerning Portland water access and public safety.