Bombard Commando C3 Missions Over The Horizon

In our day to day internet stuff and waterborne missions one boat we always seem to overlook is the boat we are currently in.

Enter the Zodiac Bombard C3 Commando! The Bombard Commando series is well proven and used by the pros here at IBC and others throughout the Big Blue Marble. What makes this particular boat “the goods” for so many different missions is it’s French heritage. Built in France by people who know a thing or two about inflatable boats the Bombard C3 is thermo-bonded at the Zodiac facility. Cut out of the burly grade of Strongan® DUOTEX then packed and shipped to us here at IBC our C3‘s are then rigged for their ultimate destinations. Some of our customers are good with an out of the box C3 (most will be) others need mods or accessories added to meet their needs.

The out of the box C3 Commando really stands on it’s own in the inflatable boat line up. Featuring an incredibly stiff construction with heavy duty aluminum floor boards that lock into a wooden keel the Bombard Commando is singular. With all of this stiffness the Bombard Commando C3 (stiffest of the series) suffers less torsion and flex. Torsion and flex scrubs power off in the form of deformation and a reduction of thrust along the axis. I guess when it says “Commando” they mean it!

The Bombard Commando C3 takes a short shaft outboard up to 40Hp but will perform well with even the diminutive electric motors available although you’ll be wanting more. Many of our customers here at IBC will be using the C3 Commando for professional use but by far the largest portion use them for fishing, hunting, and fun on the water.

One customer who sticks out in my mind is The Rozalia Project. Our friends at The Rozalia Project use their Bombard Commando C3 for ecology, marine debris collection, as a dinghy, deploying ROVs, ocean engineering et al. We love watching their adventures at sea and in port on the web. Rachael Z Miller and the crew of American Promise load that C3 Commando to the heavens and motor off easily from ankle deep water to the American Promise to unload their booty of flotsam and jetsam.

The Rozalia Project does their part to make the world a better place with their Bombard Commando C3, what are you doing with yours?

Do you like fishing as much as our friend Jennifer does in hers?

Jenny inflates and deflates her Bombard Commando C3 every time and uses a Yamaha F20Hp outboard to get to her fishing spots .
Yes you can fish on an inflatable, just ask Jenny she tells no tales.

Do you like going fast in your Bombard Commando C3 like Captain Ron does?

Skip Novak likes the Bombard Commando for his high latitude  expeditions and he knows a thing or two about sailing! See why he loves the Bombard C3 Commando below.

You can do a lot with the Bombard Commando C3, the world is wide open for your adventure you just need to take the first step. Give Adam a call here at IBC and get started today (503) 235-2628 or shop online for your Bombard Commando by clicking here.

Rozalia Project Combats Plastic In Oceans

If you know anyone from IBC then you know we hate garbage in our oceans. Midway and Laysan are prime examples of what “away” means when you throw something away. Those secluded distant low islands are magnets for tons of plastic debris adrift in the pacific. If we look closer to home we see even more plastic waste in our marinas, bays and beaches choking our mammals, birds and fish to the brink of extinction.We’ve all heard or seen the pacific gyre garbage patch and thought how it kills sea life on documentaries but what has anyone done?  Enter The Rozalia Project….

The Rozalia Project contacted IBC for one of our Bombard Commando’s (that we love so much) by way of recommendation from Skip Novak of Yachting World’s “Storm Sailing Techniques” series. Skip uses a Bombard Commando C3 for his polar adventures, so does our very own Mike, Ron, and many many others. The Rozalia Project is preparing for a polar mission to conduct plastic garbage clean up and research on environmental concerns before it’s too late for this big blue marble we call home. Their Bombard Commando C3 is able to pack down and stow on The Rozalia Project’s green mothership ( the greenest sailing vessel in the world) American Promise.

The endeavor is one that seems impossible given the size and scope of the ecological nightmare we all face but one The Rozalia Project and Bombard Commando C3 is facing head on. Take a look at some of the photos we received from members of The Rozalia Project earlier this week. Don’t try doing this with a traditional boat or you will be sunk!

If you haven’t done it yet go to The Rozalia Project’s website and support their cause, and see what you can do locally. Portlanders looking to get involved locally can contact The Human Access Project to volunteer.

If you are looking for a boat that does it all contact The Inflatable Boat Center (503) 235-2628.