What’s Under Your Feet?

Mike had some down time here at the shop due to completely using up his computer so he took a minute out of his schedule to install some Seadek non-skid to a couple of boats. Seadek comes in sheets and custom CAD/CAM configurations to meet most of the inflatable floor types we use here at IBC.

Sure pretty colors and nice contours look sharp but what is Seadek really? The Seadek product is an EVA textured non-skid that holds up to bare feet and combat boots alike and offers easy cleaning and comfort. Positive traction when a boat is on plane and in heavy maneuvers means a lot to our professional users as well as our casual recreational users alike. If you’ve ever had to get on your knees on a waffle deck or hard non-skid in any sort of sea state you are aware how uncomfortable it can be doing simple tasks.

Enter Seadek to the rescue and suddenly you have a cushion beneath your body and the hard surfaces that not only looks great but actually serves a purpose. The large sheets can be measured and cut to fit just about any floorboard model and most RIBs and applies merely by peeling the backing sheet and sticking it down just like a sticker. The adhesive used in the Seadek product resists just about anything you’ll encounter in the marine environment making it a first choice for non-skid. Here at IBC we use Seadek on our aluminum floorboard Zodiac and Bombard models to enhance footing and overall looks.

On our deluxe RIBs such as this Avon Seasport 360 IBC designs foot well inserts the Seadek then manufactures in a teak look product that fits as well as it functions. No measuring simply peel and stick and you’re off the the yacht club in fine style and comfort.

Hopefully Mike will get his new computer fixed up and ready soon but in the mean time he’ll be installing Seadek non-skid on customer boats. To find out more about Seadek Non-Skid Products give Mike a call (503)235-2628 and be confident with what’s under your feet.

Inflatable Boat Accessories

As more and more people realize inflatable boats are easier to own and operate in all waters more requests come in for rigging with accessories. Whether fishing is your goal or adventuring to locations unknown is the goal IBC has inflatable boat accessories for every need.

By utilizing existing technology in new ways IBC has done it all for the special forces operator, to the weekend warrior in prices and configurations that won’t break the bank or your brain.

Scotty Fishing Products uses universal attachments for most of their rod holders which can simply be mounted on their glue pads (available here).

IBC’s Special Boat Division customizes boats and products for most applications or mission parameters using marine grade materials and products so if you don’t see it just ask.

Here’s a few pics from a recent delivery to give you some ideas as you plan your next inflatable boat purchase or upgrade.

Give IBC a call if you have questions (503)235-2628 or shop for products using the online store.

Zodiac 310 RIB Gets SeaDek

There’s a lot of buzz about SeaDek in the boating world and for good reason. SeaDek manufactures EVA non-skid for boats and anything else that requires good traction in all conditions. What The Inflatable Boat Center does with it is make exclusive custom kits for the Zodiac Yachtline series of inflatable boats, as well as offer solutions for many of the other sport boat types.

Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05401Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05430 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05429 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05428

IBC designed and owns some exclusive kit designs but they also sell sheet material for DIY applications.

One customer named Paul who recently upgraded his dinghy to a Zodiac RIB 310 took a sheet of SeaDek and did his own application.

Paul installs his own SeaDek kit in his new Zodiac 310 SE RIB
Paul installs his own SeaDek kit in his new Zodiac 310 SE RIB

We’re calling Paul for the next shop job his install was so nice!

Mike was one of the first to use SeaDek in an inflatable boat on his Bombard Commando C4R. He got the idea after talking to SeaDek surfing buddy Jason at a boat dealers show and the rest is history.

Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat
Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat

We love the SeaDek product and know you will too! Call us and see what we can do for your boat or if you want to do it yourself what you can do for yourself with IBC and SeaDek.




IBC + Seadek + Zodiac Yachtline = Fantastic Tender Solutions

You may be asking where do I get one of those awesome Teak Kits for my Zodiac Yachtline 340DL (or 380, 420,etc.) like that one family had. Well if you want the kind to bare feet, easy to care for kit the answer is IBC of course.

IBC created CAD/CAM files and worked closely with SeaDek in creation of several kits for models of luxury tenders. The kits are another IBC World exclusive product that can be customized with custom colors and artwork if the teak look isn’t for you.

You went to the Inflatable Boat Center Website and ordered up your kit, “How do I put it on?” you ask yourself.

What you need before you begin;

glass cleaner with ammonia or action-tac

lint free rags for cleaning

razor blade or box cutter

tape measure or ruler

1. Unpack your kit and place it on the boat to match up the correct parts to their correct places. If you stick a kit panel down it’s stuck there’s no repositioning, so be right the first time.


Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05401 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05402 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05403 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05404 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05405 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05406 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05407 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054082. Score thru the paper backing (careful don’t cut the panel just the paper) on the kit panel about halfway across and apply strips of tape to help hold it in place when you are ready to peel off the paper carrier sheet.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054093.Tape down section then bend the sheet to get the other peel half started. Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054104.Peel off paper backing and smooth down with your hand taking care to evenly apply to prevent any air bubbles.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054115.Bend other half of panel and repeat step above.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054126.Press firmly all over panel to ensure good adhesion.

Repeat on remaining kit panels and enjoy!

Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05413 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05414 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05415 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05416 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05417 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05418 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05419 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05420 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05421 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05422 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05423 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05424 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05425 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05426 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05427 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05428 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05429 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05430

New Yachtline Non-Skid Products!

IBC is happy to announce the addition of an entirely new set of Yachtline non-skid products custom manufactured in SEADEK material for the yachting enthusiast exclusively at IBC. Call (503)235-2628 and see what IBC can do for you or email seadek@inflatableboats.com for a custom quote.

shop available products

Available in 16 different colors and limitless combinations including custom graphics and contour cutting.(orange not avaiable for civillian vessels)SeaDek Colors

Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL Custom SeaDek Installation Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL Custom SeaDek Installation

Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat
Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat

SEADEKYL380DL4 SEADEKYL380DL3 SEADEKYL380DL2 SEADEKYL380DL seadek floor board installation

2014 NW Sportsmen’s Show IBC Corner Booth

Just a few quick picks of the corner IBC Booth at the 2014 NW Sportsmen’s Show in Portland Oregon before I go out there myself today. Stop by the booth and say hi to Adam and Mike, both have enough miles at sea to answer just about any question you may have about boating. Stop by and see why IBC is the #1 Inflatable Boat Dealer in the world.

2014 nw sportsmens show ibc booth 2 2014 nw sportsmens show ibc booth 3 2014 nw sportsmens show ibc booth 4 2014 nw sportsmens show ibc booth 5 2014 nw sportsmens show ibc booth 6 2014 nw sportsmens show ibc booth 7 2014 nw sportsmens show ibc booth

SeaDek Sheet Installation D.I.Y.

Today I’d like to talk about SeaDek installation. SeaDek as most of you are aware or are learning now is a non-skid marine product that we (IBC) have been fitting on our deluxe tenders and rescue boats for a couple of years. We love how it works in the wet and use it on our personal boats as well.

So you’re a d.i.y. guy or gal and have purchased a large sheet of SeaDek from IBC to install yourself.

1. remove your floor boards from your boat

2. clean your floor boards

3. use your floor boards as a template taking care to measure off the “H” members that join them together

4. use a sharp bladed knife like a box cutter  to cut your pieces

seadek large sheet installation

5. check the fit of each piece to it’s corresponding floor board section.

seadek floor board installation 2

6. mark off any areas the stringers or “H” members will need clear and trim to marks

7. peel off a section of the backing paper and fold it back exposing a small area of the adhesive and fit into place (this will act as an anchor to ensure you install as straight and true as possible)

8. peel off remaining paper backing and stick to floor boards

seadek floor board installation

9. press down with your hands or a roller over the entire surface to ensure good adhesion

10. re-install your floor boards

zodiac fish n hunt seadek 2 zodiac fish n hunt seadek 3 zodiac fish n hunt seadek 4 zodiac fish n hunt seadek 5 zodiac fish n hunt seadek 6 zodiac fish n hunt seadek

11. enjoy!


Take your time during installation and you will enjoy years of good traction and good looks.

Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat
Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat

Rember IBC offers complete design and installation of your custom SeaDek System.


IBC Designed Custom Teak SeaDek Kit for Zodiac Yachtline 380 DL above and installed below.


Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL SeaDek Installation Custom Teak Kit Pics Below

Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL Custom SeaDek Installation Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL Custom SeaDek Installation Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL Custom SeaDek Installation

For you D.I.Y. people out there you can purchse what you need here http://www.inflatableboats.com/SeaDek-Non-Skid_c95.htm

As always we are here to help so if you have any questions give us a call (503) 235-2628 and see what makes IBC #1 in the World for Sales Service And Repair of inflatable boats.