Introducing New Zodiac MILPRO RIBs

Recently IBC was in attendance for the 2017 Zodiac MILPRO Vancouver Seminar in Vancouver BC. Twenty six countries were represented with military, law enforcement, and other government agencies on hand for some bleeding edge technology and demos.

The offerings Zodiac MILPRO and Hurricane brought are a far stretch from the boats you might have been exposed to in your military days. Vastly improved material science and finite element analysis coupled to ISO standards and CAD/CAM mean these are stronger, lighter, faster, better than anything that has come before.

In my day (Mike) gps, cell phones, radar, etc. weren’t around or weren’t deployable in the R.I.B. platform. We used old school techniques and tools for the jobs at hand on the many different missions we ran in the Navy. Whether it was loading demo, or doing salvage or dive ops we did it all with the inflatable boats. Sure we dreamed big and wished certain things were available then that are now. Electronics wise we are light years ahead, gps, ais, radar, radio and more are all available in marinized versions that could launch the space shuttle with just one of their ic chips. Big glorious multi-function flat panels and touch controls coupled to fly by wire screaming power makes intercepting or overtaking any vessel a snap.

Multi-mission decks mean gun mounts to sonar fish are but a few minutes work to switch between. Shock mitigation cabins and reconfigurable seating means one boat does more in even the toughest conditions. These boats are special operator dream fuel, they are law enforcement sugar plums, they are the very tip of the spear or the trident as it were. The new Zodiac MILPRO and Hurricane R.I.B.s  will save more lives and cost less to operate than any other technology on, in, under, or above the water period!

If running boats for fun or profit is your thing you won’t do better than the Zodiac MILPRO lineup. IBC has the configuration you need and at the right price for quick return of investment. There are as many options as stars it seems so just because you haven’t seen it anywhere doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Give Adam, IBC’s MILPRO specialist, Adam a call (503)235-2628 or shoot him an email with your inquiry.

All pictures taken by Adam, faces blurred by necessity.

Hurricanes Sighted In Portland Oregon!

IBC's Boat Yard With Zodiac Hurricanes and Zodiac MK6HD Military and Professional Series Boats
IBC’s Boat Yard With Zodiac Hurricanes and Zodiac MK6HD Military and Professional Series Boats

It’s Hurricane season again at IBC in Portland! This time of year the various state, federal and NGO agencies bring in their Zodiac Hurricanes for service, repair, and re-certification. As a Zodiac Dealer and Repair Center (the oldest Zodiac dealer in North America) IBC handles all types of repairs and replacements for recreational, military and professional lines of Zodiac and other brands of inflatable boats. This week IBC is hosting all North American Dealerships for the Zodiac Repair Class. The repair class is required for anyone working on a Zodiac inflatable boat in order to be a certified technician.

For all of your rescue and enforcement division needs IBC is there with the correct MILSPEC parts and services to keep you on mission and all accounted for. IBC works very closely with Special Operation Commands to ensure success with the best lead times in the industry.

Call (503)235-2628 to schedule your vessel for service or to book a mobile technician to come to your ship or department.