Zodiac Pro 750 Unwrapped And Delivered

Recently we posted a big custom rigged RIB and had people guessing what was under the shrink wrap. Well today we answer those questions with photos of Whale’s Tail Charters new Zodiac Pro 750.

Built to spec for our friend Gary at Whale’s Tail Charters the Zodiac Pro 750 features a heavy duty hull and professional tubeset just like the orange RIBs you see the US Coast Guard driving.

Zodiac Pro 750-08242
Hurricane RIB Tubeset fix point
Zodiac Pro 750-08241
Zodiac Pro 750 Tubeset Fix Point

The Zodiac Pro 750 custom is rigged with a clean and quiet Yamaha F150 outboard that is kind to the environment and the people aboard making whale watching and marine biology missions safer and better for marine mammals and land lubbers alike.

Going over the horizon means you need a good set of nav tools and a good back up compass all of which were purpose specified and installed ensuring a safe voyage for the captain and the crew.

When the wind blows you will be glad to be in the heavy duty Zodiac Pro hull that cuts thru the water and reduces felt shock and bumps. Relax in the generous seating or have a seat on the tubes to get up close and personal with the  largest living creatures on the planet and have a whale of a time!

We are looking at an exceptional year for whale watching and marine excursions with Gary and Whale’s Tail Charters so book your trip now and ride on one of the best boats afloat with one of the best captains on the Oregon Coast.

Enjoy the unwrapping and setup pictures as well as a short walk around video of Whale’s Tail Charters new Zodiac Pro 750.

If you are considering an inflatable boat or RIB for your personal use give IBC a call at (503)235-2628 and get out on the water today.