Making Space-FPIU Loadout

When upfitting the FPIU for agency needs be it Setina, Troy, Dana, Go Rino, et al it’s easy to fill the available cargo space with traffic gear, storage boxes and the like. Units that aren’t traffic or prisoner transport designated, fulfilling a multi-mission role scenario should allow space for inflatable boats in the planning phase. Fortunately, you can sneak a Zodiac MILPRO ERB into just about any configuration even a command center upfit if necessary.

The Flexibility of the inflatable boat platform coupled with the FPIU means all those 12V power outlets can be utilized for inflation pumps where SCUBA/SCBA tanks aren’t allowed, such as many pursuit designated units.

Fire Rescue FPIU upfits allow a bit more flexibility than LEO units as the mission is fundementally different. Many configurations allow even a MKIV HD to be loaded into the cargo area along with an outboard such as Tohatsu’s new lightweight “D” code 30Hp.

With a load rating of over 1400Lbs the FPIU will easily accommodate the added weight of an inflatable boat and gear without impacting drivability or safety. If your FPIU was upfitted with ballistic panels at the Ford factory the load rating will reflect on the driver’s side door sticker. If the agency upfitted with ballistic panels at a upfitting company their weight will need to be added to the load rating profile in addition to any other upfitting. Chances are even with level IV panels and windows you can easily carry a Zodiac MILPRO ERB in a LEO unit.

The FPIU’s water depth rating should be adhered to at all times which means no water depth above the bottom of the hubs. Floating an inflatable boat is no problem at this depth even laden with victims or gear/supplies in a major flooding event.
When launching a boat from a trailer do not submerge the rear bumper.

Watching the daily news confirms the necessity of the Zodiac MILPRO inflatable boat as a tool of top priority. Weather events continue to catch major and sleepy jurisdictions alike flat footed and ill equipped to manage the disasters as they unfold. We at IBC understand the issues fire and police departments have to overcome with budgeting and staffing and stand by to help in any way possible. We utilize the common vehicle platforms ourselves along with a myriad of inflatable boats for any mission profile be it clandestine, enforcement, or rescue.

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