Highfield Ocean Master 350 Limited Edition Wide Body RIB

The Highfield Ocean Master 350 Limited Edition Wide Body RIB offers some distinct improvements over the previous generations. Amenities such as an updated bow locker and forward fuel tank system seem obvious to the technical people, but to the aesthetic and function crowd the deeper and wider stowage seat get top billing. Also added is a very well thought out after stowage locker and transom well just forward of the outboard with industry standard access hatch and multiple non-skid stepping areas.

Integrated lifting points are standard and in multiple locations making hoisting your Highfield Ocean Master 350 Limited Edition Wide Body RIB onto a vessel easily accomplished.

Dropping the hook on the Highfield Ocean Master 350 Limited Edition Wide Body RIB is also breeze and the built in bow step with integrated bow roller and cleat make perfect sense to all of us. Often times we wonder why other brands don’t utilize a system such as this. Obviously the answer to most design features is cost. Highfield like so many other non-traditional brands manufacture in China but where they differ is with the quality of materials chosen for the task.

Here at IBC we tend to stock only the best boats made at the best manufacturing centers out of the best materials. When working with Highfield in the early days we voiced concerns over materials and assembly techniques to the plant supervisors and vendors and helped come to a level of craftsmanship that rivals some of the best.

The discriminating buyer will naturally see the advantages the Highfield Ocean Master 350 Limited Edition Wide Body RIB offers over lesser brands and come to the easy conclusion that not all deluxe tenders are the same. The Highfield Ocean Master 350 Limited Edition Wide Body RIB offers a level of build and comfort that rivals tenders more than twice the price and it does it with an aluminum hull to boot.

To see the Highfield Ocean Master 350 Limited Edition Wide Body RIB yourself stop into the IBC store in Portland Oregon. To reserve your own Highfield Ocean Master 350 Limited Edition Wide Body RIB call Mike at (503)235-2628 and make arrangements. This is a limited edition model so supplies are limited.

  • Valmex P.V.C. Fabric
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Hull
  • Integrated Transom Supports
  • Bench Seat (stowage)
  • Integrated Bow Locker
  • Lifting and Towing Eyes
  • Non-Skid Deck Matting
  • Heavy Duty Rub Strake
  • Length 11’6″
  • Beam 6’3″
  • Weight 245lbs.
  • 6 Persons
  • Tube Diameter 18″
  • Max HP 40 HP (Yamaha F40LA rigged)
  • Long Shaft Shaft Transom



This time of year IBC is always scuttling around busy with various agencies and their seagoing Zodiac MILPRO RIBs, and swift water rescue boats. In preparation to underway commitments bigger ships need work done and usually on the quick to meet mission requirements and deployment dates. The U.S. Coast Guard, Army Corps Of Engineers, U.S. Military Forces, state and federal law enforcement and fire you name it and we see it here.

Sometimes the service is just a bit of paint and shine on battle damage or even planned maintenance on a unit prior to deployment. Today it was a bit of paint on a U.S. Army Corp Of Engineers Zodiac MILPRO RIB. Our job was to de-rig a console set and repaint it prior to an underway. IBC made all of the graphics, matched the color, and painted the console set, then rigged it back to spec. It’s just too bad we didn’t get a chance to re-rub the entire boat but budget and underway commitments take precedent over what we want.

Fortunately Mike grabbed a couple of pics of the boat before she had to go back to the mother ship so we could appreciate the job the repair shop did.

IBC is your one stop shop for sales and service of the full Zodiac MILPRO line of RIBs and inflatable boats. Give us a call today for your military and professional needs and see why we are ranked Tier 1.

IBC Zodiac MILPRO Rep. Adam (503) 235-2628

NMMA CSI Awards Yamaha For 16th Consecutive Year

The National Marine Manufacturers Association has once again recognized Yamaha with a CSI Award for Excellence Customer Satisfaction. This award makes the sixteenth consecutive award for Yamaha, a claim no other manufacturer can make.

Yamaha is the only outboard manufacturer in history to win 16 consecutive Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Awards.

At IBC we are a “5 Star Gold Rated” sales and service center and offer an unequalled Yamaha experience for sales, parts, and service. Give IBC a call at (503)235-2628 for your next Yamaha outboard or outboard service and get the service you deserve.


Year Award
2017 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2016 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2015 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2014 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2013 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) Innovation Award Winner – F200 In-Line Four and V MAX SHO® 150  
2013 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2012 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2011 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2010 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2010 MotorBoating Magazine “Best of the Year” Award – V MAX SHO®
2010 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) Innovation Award Winner – V MAX SHO®
2010 Field & Stream’s Best of the Best Award – V MAX SHO®
2009 MotorBoating Magazine “Best of the Year” Award – V MAX SHO® and V6 Offshore
2009 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2008 JD Power – Four Stroke
2008 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2008 Consumers Digest Best Buy – V MAX® Series 2 vz250 and vz300
2007 MotorBoating Magazine “Best of 2007” Award – V8 F350C
2007 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2007 IBEX Innovation Award – F350C
2006 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2005 JD Power – Two Stroke
2005 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2005 IBEX Innovation Award – Multi-function Tiller Handle
2004 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2003 JD Power – Four Stroke
2003 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2002 JD Power – Four Stroke
2002 JD Power – Two Stroke
2002 Marine Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award
2002 MotorBoating Magazine Editors Choice Award – F225
2001 Boating Week Innovation Award – F225
2000 Popular Mechanics Design and Engineering Award – HPDI®
2000 MotorBoating and Sailing Award – HPDI®
1999 MotorBoating and Sailing Award – F100
1999 IMTEC Innovation Award – HPDI
1992 Popular Mechanics Design and Engineering Award Hydra Drive
1992 IMTEC Innovation Award – Hydra Drive
1991 Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) Manufacturer of the Year Award
1991 Boating Magazine’s Best of Boating Award – V76x


Maxxon XPW239 Inflatable Fishing Boat

Words like “jaw dropping” and “unbelievable” are so much click bait these days it’s hard to separate the truth from the fake while online. So much hype and hyperbole abound it’s no wonder people get tricked into buying little more than a shower curtain when they shop online for a portable fishing boat.

Maxxon Outfitters has heard the call of the disenchanted and responded with an affordable option that get’s it done with high quality craftsmanship and materials in an inflatable fishing boat that is very quickly becoming the gold standard. Taking feedback from the pros and amateur anglers alike Maxxon went to work designing what fisherman wanted in a small portable inflatable fishing boat. With quality and attention to detail as the impetus for the manufacturing team Maxxon has released a real winner in all aspects.

Some of you might remember the Maxxon name from their bulletproof pontoons that are used in the polar regions to move big heavy mining equipment and fisherman to the places other boats simply can’t get to. This same build quality and focus on usability is in the Maxxon XPW 239 and fisherman are rejoicing everywhere.

At 7’6” in length and with a capacity of 606 lbs. the XPW-239 is an inflatable stream and calm water craft. At 32 lbs. all in (25 lbs. for just the boat and backpack) and built of 0.9 mm, 1100 denier Korean PVC, this rig comes loaded with oars, seat, grommet gear attach system, stripping apron, storage bag, pump, bungie cargo net and its own back pack, to get the angler into those secret and hard to reach fishing holes.

One of the biggest hits at the 2017 NW Sportsman Show the Maxxon XPW239 is all set for adventure for the beginner to the expert alike. Orders begin shipping from IBC in April and these boats are moving fast. Get your secret weapon ordered today and don’t miss another fishing oppertunity ever again.

Now available for pre-order thru IBC!

Product ships mid April


Maxxon offers a 5-year limited warranty

Avon Seasport Tenders In Stock At IBC

The re-introduction of the Avon RIB line to the yachting community brings some new and exciting models. So far IBC has the Avon 340 and 360 Seasport models in stock and ready to find a new mothership.

Stay tuned to IBC and the IBC Blog for updates and videos about new models and some models we’ve come to love over the years.

Shop online thru our web store www.inflatableboats.com or at our shop in Portland Oregon and see boats for everything on the water.

Questions? Call the pros at IBC (503)235-2628

Avon Seasport 340

Avon Seasport 360

 (more pics coming soon)

Avon Seasport 380

Avon Seasport 400

Avon Seasport 420

Avon Seasport 440

Avon Seasport 470

Avon Seasport 490

Avon Seasport Grand Tender 850

NW Sportsman Show Booth #1143

Adam and Mike will be on hand for the 2017 NW Sportsman Show the Portland Expo Center February 8-12 in booth #1143. The Inflatable Boat Center will be showing one of their Special Boat Division’s packages called the “RECON”.

This model is based on the Bombard Commando C3 with added Scotty Fishing attachments, a fish finder/GPS, Scotty strong back oar conversion kit, adjustable oars, collapsible paddles, bimini top, Yamaha F20, bench on rail seats, and more.

Setup with the outdoorsman in mind this package can be broken down and packed for transport by, auto, truck, or plane and reassembled on site to go where the sidewalks end. Suitable for waterfowl hunting, fish, crabbing, big game, or even just a fun day trip. With the Bombard Commando C3’s wooden keel assembly is easy and choppy water is a walk in the park.

The Yamaha F20 four stroke motor operates very quietly and barely makes a sound at idle. The clean and efficient Yamaha F20 can make your precious fuel supply on back country hunts seem to last almost indefinitely when used smartly thereby extending your reach. Full throttle operation brings the “RECON” on plane with three to four men aboard and tops out around 25 mph at sea level. Two separate shallow water settings on the Yamaha F20 will make possible entry into sloughs and creeks while fully laden with a hunting camp gear a breeze and make you wonder why you didn’t think of the “RECON” sooner.

This boat is quite possibly the best boat package ever made for the Northwest Territories and coastal regions because of it’s carrying capacity, ease of use, and safety.

You can see one in person at the NW Sportsman Show booth #1143 and talk to Adam or Mike about what you want to do or where you want to go and get one made for yourself custom. We love the water and the woods and it’s very likely that’s where these two guys would be if they weren’t there to meet you and talk about exciting times to be had with inflatable boats.

For more information on the NW Sportsman Show Click here

For more information on inflatable boats call one of our friendly staff at (503)235-2628

Zodiac MK2 Classic Fastroller

Today we’d like to mention a little known Zodiac gem that does not disappoint, the Zodiac MK2 Classic Fastroller. Mike and Adam were going to shoot a video on how to setup the Zodiac MK2 Classica Fastroller but then they realized it would be utterly boring. You see with the Zodiac MK2 Classic Fastroller all you do is unroll and inflate. That’s It! No fitting floorboards or struggling with stringers anymore just unroll and go.

The Zodiac MK2 Classic Fastroller fits the bill for a premium dinghy, exploration boat, fishing, hunting, camping, etc. because it’s so easy to use. One thing the guys love around the shop here at IBC is the Zodiac Classic Series of inflatable boats performance. While we don’t constantly show them online, we constantly love them on the water. They are such well thought out boats they are often our first pick for many missions and outings.

Manufacturing is done in France by the same people who build the Bombard Commando and Zodiac Futura models. All Zodiac Classic inflatable boats are made of stronger stuff, i.e. Zodiac’s “Strongan™” fabric that is thermo-bonded by the same machines the ESpace Division developed. ( yes Zodiac is an aerospace company too)

The Fastroller airfloor is an option on the Zodiac Futura series and for small tenders in the Zodiac Cadet series. Lightweight and ease of use make this the ultimate portable boat. Don’t get taken by some cheap imitation airfloor from a company that you never heard of, get a real Zodiac, made from the real fabric, with a real Zodiac 5 year Warranty.

Get your next Zodiac simply by shopping in our online store, or by calling the pros at The Inflatable Boat Center (503)235-2628.

You’ll love your new Zodiac almost as much as us!




Full Steam Ahead For 2017

It’s full steam ahead at IBC right now as we rig and receive boats daily for the upcoming season. The 2017 NW Sportsman’s Show is right around the corner and we’ll be there showcasing models that fit the mission of hunting and fishing. Tubesets are coming and going every time I blink it seems and new sport boats and Avon tenders seem to be all the buzz.

We are open despite the weather so give us a call (503) 235-2628 or stop by the Portland Showroom on 2041 SE Powell Blvd. and talk face to face with one of our pros.

Now is the time to be thinking about your new tender, your old boat that needs repair, that motor service you put off, basically anything that needs doing or buying so you’ll be ready when the weather turns nice again.

Remember Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax so our prices are even better than you thought! Find out why more boaters come to IBC than anywhere else (503)235-2628


Ice Storm Hitting Portland

Well the 2017 Portland Boat Show came and went during what has been the worst weather in Portland for years. Convention goers had to brave snowy and icy conditions just for a glimpse of the new Avon Tenders and IBC’s Special Boats Division Commando/Recon models.

Moving out of the 2017 Portland Boat Show had it’s own set of issues but snowy, icy, roads was on the forefront of it all. Despite dismal attendance IBC and Zodiac Nautic were on station to give some quality time to the V.I.P.s who were brave enough or foolhardy enough to venture out into the fray. Those who made it were rewarded, and we were happy to make some future adventures possible for new and old owners alike.

Today is a new day and with the new day comes new challenges, take our impending ice storm that bears down on us while I type this. All of our efforts can’t overcome Mother Nature and as such IBC will be closing early. Shipping inbound and outbound is cancelled until drivers are able to navigate Portland’s icy unplowed and unsalted roads. Public transport has been suspended or detoured with Portland’s Trimet telling citizens to stay indoors unless it’s an emergency. (stay safe out there Portland)

Yes, apparently “The City That Works” only works when the weather is nice!

Buying online means IBC is open 24/7 so save $$$ while you can with boat show pricing by ordering online and selecting in store pick up if you are local, or just add your shipping info for a total before you have to buy anything for a freight quote. IBC leads the industry with it’s online shopping experience and online security keeping our customers safe and happy.

2017 Portland Boat Show

If you’re local to the NW and Portland you probably know that Oregon’s Governor declared a state of emergency due to the recent weather and it has virtually shut down the city of Portland. We understand that some of you won’t be able to make it to the Portland Boat Show so IBC grabbed a few pics for those of you snowed in and suffering from cabin fever.

As always IBC is there even in the worst of weather bringing you the best boats at the best price. Feel free to shop our Boat Show Specials online from the comfort and warmth of your favorite armchair and know you aren’t missing out due to severe weather.

If you are able to make it out stop by the booth and say hi to Adam, Mike, and Chris who will be standing by to answer all of your questions about your next boat.

Enjoy the snow! OOPS! I mean the show!