The Chinese Invasion or The Red Menace, You Decide

The internet is filled with a dizzying amount of inflatable boats marketed as a Zodiac™,  but what is it really you’re getting for your hard earned dollar?

In this post we examine the Chinese Zodiac™ (not the sign you were born under), it’s copy cats and it’s limitations.

  • The first question we need to ask is did Zodiac™ ever make any of their inflatable boats in China?

The short answer is yes.

Zodiac manufactures parts and tubes in many different countries for the different market segments. Take for example the Avon™ manufacturing plant in the U.K., Zodiac™ has switched this capacity to military and professional only with just one model still wearing the Avon™ badge for the recreational market. As of this writing, and to this author’s best knowledge the new heads of Zodiac™ will be moving all of the Chinese Zodiac™ models back the French plant in mid 2017. Zodiac manufactured the “Zoom™”, Typhoon™”, and most recently the “Cadet™” model range in China to compete with the low end internet specials that were destroying the brand name.

With a clever marketing program online featuring metadata and keyword stuffing via shopping sites these no name “Zodiacs” won favor on cost alone.

  • If Zodiac™ made some models in China why are they better than the rest?

Zodiac™ inflatable boat models that were made in China were made in a Q.A. Certified factory by Zodiac™ trained technicians out of materials that also were Q.A. compliant.(Q.A. stands for quality assurance) Most if not all other Chinese inflatable boats utilize much different materials of a lesser quality or lighter grade, valves that look similar but share none of the same dimensions or parts making repairs difficult to perform when they become necessary. One thing to remember here is that China is the counterfeiting capital of the world, from microchips to cds, to inflatable boats they cover it all. Think about that little fact the next time you see that designer bag or watch for 1/10th the cost of the original. You will always get what you pay for!

  • Everything comes from China these days why not buy their inflatable boats too?

 Getting a similar boat you saw online for $1000.00 because it was less $$$ than the Zodiac™ and came with free shipping? Wow! How can you pass it up! Those guys at IBC or any other Zodiac dealer in America want way more money, screw them! I’m taking the deal! To answer this rather emotional question correctly lets look at the typical logistical model for Chinese inflatable boats. What this means is you are getting a much cheaper boat than you think. The shipping companies still get paid by someone to drop it off to your door, there are no shipping elves working tirelessly while you sleep. The entity that sold the inflatable boat to you is getting paid 30% to 50% even after he imported it and paid the shipping elves to drop it at your door. Doing the math on a $1000.00 imitation Zodiac™ reveals that even at a 30% mark on that same boat means it now costs only $700.00. Now lets take out $200.00 for shipping because to be fair it’s much lighter than a real Zodiac that leaves a boat cost of $500.00.Because your seller bought a container full of these boats he got the shipping costs and import duties down to $250.00 per unit. This picture gets even clearer with a boat that now only costs $250.00, are you still following? Hopefully the buyer’s remorse and tears from knowing you got screwed aren’t preventing you from reading any further.

  • Why is it expensive to repair Chinese inflatable boats?

This answer hurts the most to the bargain shopper and results in angry calls to dealers and repair centers, not to mention this customer tends to leave Yelp reviews anytime they feel slighted. Let’s not forget that the person they are screaming at doesn’t even sell their type or model of boat. They are simply calling them to rain fire and brimstone on someone and since it said Zodiac on their shingle it might as well be them. Unfortunately the no name bad man who sold you your environmental disaster labeled as a boat doesn’t actually exist, he’s a figment of intelligent marketing to ignorant buyers. Now go read the part above again, understand the Zodiac brand and the knock off are cut from different cloth. At around $30.00 a sq ft Zodiac Strongan seems pretty expensive, and it is when you compare it to Qingdao special #1 PVC that the other boat is made from. Forget about comparing glues, most Zodiac boats are thermo-bonded in France the same way as was originally developed for the space program. What? Space program? You read it right Zodiac started out as and has always maintained an advanced materials and aerospace division ever since it’s beginning in 1886. Yes, some of the three Zodiac models produced in China use glue in their construction but it’s money thing remember? That money thing is no joke as the purpose built machines behind Zodiac’s patented process are stupid expensive, stupid complicated and super secret. What the tech savvy buyer needs to understand is there is no support, no parts, and not very much love for brand “X” from the People’s Republic anywhere in the world. Most everyone else in the world doesn’t buy inflatable boats made in China with free shipping, they tend to be a lot smarter with their money than us fat Americans. At least with a Zodiac you get accountability in the form of a warranty and a world wide dealer network where you can get parts and repairs done no matter how salty you are. Most of us will even fix your brand “X” but don’t act surprised when we tell you the cost of the repairs, we use the real stuff here.

Above I mentioned that Zodiac™ is moving all it’s boat manufacturing back to France,(except for the Oceana market), the smart guys over there figured out they could make the best possible boat in France out of real Strongan and ship it to the USA while still making money. Because we have such a big dealer network here in America we put all of our buying power together and save on shipping from Zodiac France to Zodiac USA. It makes fiduciary sense and it makes environmental sense!

To sum all of this non-sense up if it doesn’t say Zodiac™, Bombard™, Avon™, or MILPRO™ you are likely not getting the boat you thought you were. If you have to go off reservation at least get a boat from a reputable dealer who carries the real stuff as well as an inexpensive brand that fits into your budget. This way you have some sort of support, parts, and a person to call if things get weird. Try to get a brand that has been around for more than 1 year or internet buying cycle as it has come to be known. Questions? Call us (503) 235-2628 we are Inflatable Boat Center, this is what we do.


What Makes A Bombard Special

L’ Angeviniere was formed in 1937 and specialized in equipment for the Navy. After an encounter with Dr. Alain Bombard in 1953 (this is after he crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a Zodiac MK3 prototype) the company went in a new direction, lifeboats.

Dr. Alain Bombard is credited with development of the liferaft and the definitive guide to surviving at sea. Dr. Bombard’s own journey of over 65 days at sea with no food or water was in fact an experiment to prove that a castaway could survive at sea with only what the ocean could provide. Based on this successful experiment and his unique designs for boats Dr. Bombard joined the company and that’s where one legend led to the development of another.

The world would see the introduction of the first class IV line of inflatable boats in 1964, and the Commando series of inflatable boats (another Bombard innovation) in 1972.
The Commando line has been in service continuously ever since it’s introduction and remains as one of the most capable boats afloat today for professionals.

Being the world leaders in lifesaving, lifeboats, and of course the Commando series of inflatable boats doesn’t go unnoticed for long. In 1980 Zodiac came forward and purchased the rights to the Bombard line and name outright to capitalize on the vast knowlege and manufacturing techniques used by Bombard.

The Zodiac offering grew with the addition of Avon and Bombard from it’s roots in 1886 as an aerospace company to the world leader in inflatable boats and advanced materials to what the world calls all inflatable boats, “Zodiacs”.

This heritage and support world wide ensures that any Zodiac/Bombard inflatable boat dealer can supply parts and service for any Bombard or Zodiac boat anywhere in the world on any water.

The introduction of the Bombard Typhoon series is aimed at the recreational user who demands a first quality boat at a bargain price, and is supported at every level by over 120 years of experience and a vast dealer network. Compare that to any other inflatable boat manufacturer and understand why Bombard ranks as #1 for first time buyers and seasoned professionals alike.

The Zodiac/Bombard Typhoon series of inflatable boats represents the best quality for the money in a world of ever changing cheap internet knockoffs. Demand the lineage and quality of a Zodiac/Bombard and get the very best boat for the money.

For the more professional users IBC still offers the Bombard Commando series as well as the easy to love and use Typhoon series under one roof.
Order your first boat online thru our website or come in and talk to people who use these very same boats themselves everyday.
Ask about a boat and motor package and find your own little slice of Heaven in a Bombard.

Bombard Commando C5 TLDI 2Stroke 50Hp Package with Bimini Top

Another Bombard Commando application came thru the tech area recently with a request for a high performance two stoke outboard. Taking a page out of Mike’s operational manual IBC went with the Tohatsu TLDI 50Hp 2 stroke outboard with multi-function tiller option. IBC added a custom camo bimini top a 12 gallon forward mounted fuel tank and various rigging components to offer the customer a setup like Mike runs for blistering performance when it counts. Of course Mike won’t run a bimini top on his Bombard Commando, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. With the IBC removable bimini system you can do what you want in fair weather or foul.

The Tohatsu TLDI (Two Stroke Direct Injection) motor offers a broadened power band and ultra low emission 3 star CARB rating in a package that is very eco-friendly and fuel efficient. The 2 stroke Tohatsu outboards are being used by some of the very best operators in the military as well as the professional front for their high performance and ultra-reliability in conditions that kill lesser motors dead. (note these special forces variants aren’t available to the public at this time) Much of the boat to boat footage and other marine based operations IBC conducts throughout the year are powered by this work horse of a motor that is rarely seen on camera.

Forget about mixing gas the TLDI does all the math and heavy lifting for you so all the operator has to do is twist the throttle and point the bow. With it’s sophisticated ignition timing and fuel air mixture control the Tohatsu works well at most altitudes and environments whether salt, fresh or brackish waters. The Tohatsu TLDI doesn’t ask for fanfare it simply accomplishes the mission and goes home like a true silent professional.

By using Zodiac’s Bombard Commando as a platform operators experience greater mission capabilities due to it’s Strongan Duotex fabric that is “thermo-bonded” in Zodiac’s state of the art French facility. Usually when someone is talking about their “Zodiac” they aren’t actually talking about a real French Zodiac like the Bombard Commando series. Often times they are talking about some other brand “X” inflatable boat that people like to call a Zodiac. Insist on the boat the legend is based on, insist on a real Zodiac inflatable boat like the Bombard Commando, Zodiac Futura, or Zodiac Classic and never compromise your safety or performance again.

The Bombard Commando C5 in this article is yet another we have to move out of the shop to make way for the next Bombard Commando C5 that is getting rigged for yet another customer wanting the best his money will buy. Enjoy the pictures below and remember when you are ready to go Commando give IBC a call first (503)235-2628 and see why we are rated #1 for Bombard Commando applications anywhere there is water.


Bombard Commando C5 Sport

We were sending another Bombard Commando C5 out the door to make room to rig yet another Bombard Commando C5 for a customer and thought to ourselves “Why not take a couple of pics?”.

This particular boat was replacing an old Zodiac Futura that had a short shaft transom. The Bombard Commando’s transom had to be notched to accept the short shaft Tohatsu 50hp four stroke the customer had already. IBC tech did a good job of fitting the motor and rigging the steering and control cables into the new notch. (see the pics below)

One of the IBC lessons from using these boats over the years was to rig and fit a 12 gallon fuel tank forward to balance the boat and increase performance across the spectrum. Easier to plane, better terminal speeds, chop management, and brain smashing G turns are the end result.

Since the customer wanted seats and a steering wheel helm for his dive excursion and fun boat, but didn’t want to sacrifice usable deck space, IBC rigged a crossbar steering helm and bench on rail seat system. Zodiac has been in the inflatable boat business for a minute and has come up with elegant solutions like the HD Aluminum Floorboard and accessory rail system across the sport boat lineup. Utilizing Zodiac’s Z1255 bench on rail IBC easily fit the adjustable seats within minutes to the Bombard Commando C5 floorboards. (Zodiac has owned Bombard for a good many of years and manufactures the Bombard as well as the Avon lines)

All of the Bombard Commando series of inflatable boats come stock with rigging options to build your own version of what we call the Commando Sport out of the box. Mix and match accessories to get your own custom sport boat in the configuration of your dreams with the HD line of Zodiac Sport Boats from the venerable Zodiac Classic, Zodiac Futura, and Bombard Commando lines.

Available in North America at:

The Inflatable Boat Center.

2041 SE Powell Blvd.

Portland, Oregon 97202


20,000 Nautical Miles And A Zodiac

So what do you do after sailing 20,000 nautical miles to your destination?

Why break out the Zodiac of course! People often malign the inflatable boat, talking down about it in lieu of their big dollar yacht. Let’s face it you need a good dinghy or those dollars are wasted and all talk. Without a good dinghy a sailor isn’t worth his salt.

One thing to consider is that once you get to where you want to be you can’t do anything without a proper Zodiac to take you the “Miracle Mile”. Our friends Riley and Elayna traveled over 20,000 nautical miles to get to where they wanted and then got out the Zodiac to actually go have fun.

If you have been following their adventures from Istanbul to Panama, to the Tuamotus, and Tahiti you know the fun starts with the Zodiac. Simple things like getting fresh water , doing laundry, or getting stores wouldn’t be possible without a proper Zodiac like the Zodiac 300 Compact folding RIB.

Riley and Elayna deploy their Zodiac after a reach or crossing, and tow it for the little jaunts from anchorage to anchorage. The Zodiac is the perfect all around fun toy / Griswald family truxter. It’s all about getting the job done and having fun both of which the Zodiac does in spades. Catch up with Riley and Elayna as they achieve yet another one of their goals with their Zodiac 300 Compact RIB. *available at the Inflatable Boat Center

Inflatable Boat Coolers and Tie Down Systems

Recently Mike from IBC conducted an inflatable boat cooler test which included the Engel Deep Blue 65 cooler to see how it stacked up to high desert boating. When you hear “high desert” you normally don’t think boating but bear with us for a minute. Considering IBC supports military, professional and recreational boaters alike the picture starts to get a bit clearer. We wanted to see if claims regarding various coolers were all they were made up to be, so Mike went to the desert with coolers and goods for a week to see what all the fuss was about. Yes we tested other brands, but none came close to the Engel Deep Blue, not even the more expensive snow monster brand. One cooler worth an honorable mention was not what we had expected, the Rubbermaid cooler.

For the purposes of this post we are only going to focus on the Engel Deep Blue 65qt. as it was the only one that did what it was claiming.

Per cooler manufacturer’s directions for best results you need to pre chill your cooler for 24 hours with ice prior to adding any items. Mike didn’t feel this was a good test because “only the anal retentive types will do this step” (his words). Instead we just added the drinks and other goods the morning of departure then threw in one block of ice and one bag of cubes like Joe Six Pack American would do. All the coolers were loaded the same and thrown into the truck for the journey to Lake Billy Chinook from Portland, a journey that goes up and over the Mt Hood Pass or Blue Box Pass.(this will matter later) Several hours later we arrived at the Cove Palisades where temps were in triple digits, upon unloading the coolers all but two made a sloshing noise. The Rubbermaid and the Engel Deep Blue were silent so we pulled those aside for the next round of testing.

Out of the race were the Igloo, the Yeti, and the Coleman so we left them to their own devices and didn’t access them except to put in more ice or to transfer valuable cargo to the Engel and the Rubbermaid.

Phase two of the cooler test was the “Opening Test”.

Other reviewers state online how they only open their coolers a minimum amount of times per day to keep ice. Again Mike didn’t feel that this was a boating, fishing nor family worthy of a test so he put a pad on each cooler and offered free refreshments for a tick on the pad to count openings. Our daily opening average was 28 times for both remaining coolers averaged over a week. A more substantial number than those other sissy reviews I read online, and more in the spirit of a proper cooler test in average conditions of use.

One thing I’d like to add at this point was the Engel let out a “whoosh” when I opened it up for the fist time as the altitude was several thousand feet higher than the starting point. The Rubbermaid did not make a peep because it lacked the seal of the Engel’s design. Remember this for later when you can’t open the Engel at low altitude without opening the easy to use drain to “burp” in some air.

The next or third phase of the cooler shoot out was the loading and tie down phase.

For this phase we used the Bombard Commando C4R which has the Zodiac HD floors so the Engel tie down system,which would be perfect for any boat, was replaced with the Zodiac Runner Block and Strap Tie Down System for HD Floors. The Rubbermaid lacked any integrated system for securing it to the boat so para-cord filled the need for both coolers. The Engel was heavy empty and extra heavy loaded with ice and refreshments so getting it into place in the C4 Commando was difficult, the Rubbermaid made a sloshing sound when lifted and placed into the boat where it’s integrated wheels made it roll to the back of the boat. The Engel’s integrated rubber feet gripped so firmly to the Snow Camo Seadek on the floorboards that Mike had to go back and forth side to side to get it into position. Since the Rubbermaid sloshed and rolled around it was eliminated at this point from the underway testing and pulled from opening testing as well.(note the Zodiac Tie Down System made easy work of even the wheeled cooler)

Sitting, standing on, and bashing thru chop were no problem for the Engel Deep Blue, it seems to be made for abuse and torture. It never opened, moved, or leaked despite what we did in the boat. If you know how Mike runs a Commando then you know he didn’t take it easy, once 3 passengers were added he eased off and slowed it down to 30mph to “go easy on em” for the approx. 40 mile trip there and back.

Fast forward to the secret kokanee station for day 3’s activities and the Engel Deep Blue 65 saw double duty as a seat/standing pad and drinks/fish cooler. As mentioned this was the third day and no ice was added to the cooler. The boys and girls started to catch their fish and Mike would open the cooler and drop them in flopping about among the ice and drinks and get their tackle back into the water for the next go at it. At the end of this third day when the kids and the fish were dropped off at the fish cleaning station there was a small amount of blood and water in the bottom of the cooler.

All ice was removed still in bags and placed on the pavement for a rinse off along with the bottles and cans then replaced after the cooler was thoroughly washed of it’s bloody face paint. Of special note, out of the three boats we took, each with a separate brand of cooler, only the Commando C4R’s Engel Deep Blue 65 “froze” the fish. All other coolers failed miserably in this department. Also of note half of the fresh bottles of water that were added started to freeze into slush, this was a complete surprise to all who witnessed it.

The last phase of the test was the ice remaining test which was performed once we got back to Portland. The Rubbermaid which got honorable mention still had half of the block left and none of the cubes, all other coolers were mostly water at this point. When we got to the Engel Deep Blue 65 we couldn’t get the lid open no matter how hard we tried. It says it’s bear proof and we have no doubt about that, but the problem was we closed the cooler at a few thousand feet and now were at 200ft above sea level. Basically the Engel Deep Blue 65 held a vacuum until the easy drain was cracked and air was vented into it to equalize the pressure. Almost no water came out at all so we took out the ice and weighed it. We came back with 17 of the 20lbs of cubes we started with after a week in the desert and a day of mad action fishing. Probably most of the ice loss was when had to clean all the blood out of the cooler and off of the drinks in the parking lot. When we opened the lid on the Engel cooler it looked like it was full of dry ice with the icy vapor escaping ever so slowly like a horror movie effect. (note the Engel is dry ice rated but not tested in this test) Think ice cream for that sweltering night at camp!

The weight test didn’t lie neither did the icey cold beer I enjoyed as I washed out coolers in my shimmering hot Portland driveway.

This reviewer gives a resounding 5 gold stars for the Engel Deep Blue 65 Cooler, and 5 golden stars for the Zodiac Tie Down System. IBC can order a cooler in for your next boat build to help keep you cool on even the hottest of days! (we sell boats primarily but order accessories as needed)

IBC tested Mike Approved!

Get your next boat at The Inflatable Boat Center

Call us at IBC (503)235-2628 and we’ll order the perfect cooler for that new Zodiac or Bombard inflatable boat!

Inflatable Boat Maintenance

Let’s spend a few minutes to talk about inflatable boat maintenance and it’s role on the life of your boat.

Proper inflation is the best preventative medicine you can do for your inflatable boat. By running a “floppy” or “soft” boat you are putting stresses on the seams and hardware that otherwise would be mitigated by the rigidity of a properly inflated boat. Remember to keep your boat tight and it will perform better, use less fuel and live a longer life.

Sand, we know it from beaches and from the sand paper on our workbench. There are many types and grades of sand but we’ll just concern ourselves with two for this article. The first type we are all familiar with is SiO2 better known as silicon dioxide in the form of quartz. The second type is CaCO3 or calcium carbonate that comes from biological sources (think pearls and shells). Sand by it’s self isn’t a problem but it sticks to feet and gets into the nooks and crannies of your inflatable boat where the grains do work (sanding) because of the action of the boat. Now if you don’t have enough air in your boat like mentioned above then you are speeding up the wear process. Remember to clean & rinse out your inflatable boat frequently and before it goes into storage every time. IBC sells patches and glue for those of you who think this doesn’t matter!

Sun exposure or as it is more correctly stated, radiation exposure. People online are always talking about the Sun’s UV radiation and how it it made their tubes sticky or brown or why you have to have Hypalon to beat it. Let’s go back a step and mention that UV radiation is absorbed at the same amount for both materials. I’m not making this stuff up it’s well understood from the fields of physics and it’s twin sister chemistry.  As a rule UV radiation at the correct energy density causes electrons to be liberated from atoms causing a decomposition and ejection of said atom. IBC’s very own Mike capitalized on this well understood phenomena as a laser engineer for the hi-tech and nano-tech fields in a prior life. Since he has many patents in directed energy and material science we tend not to argue about it with him. UV radiation damage is most commonly seen as photo bleaching, this is true for PVC or Hypalon or just about any other material under the Sun.Even a diamond will down convert to CO2 given enough exposure to the sun, nothing is forever. If your boat is chalky or frosted you have UV damage and it needs 303 or Polyguard. When stuff is left to die in the sun it does so very predictably and without fail.

The “brown” you see on vinyl compounds such as PVC and even Zodiac’s nigh indestructible Strongan™ , even the much touted Hypalon, is from long wave radiation exposure (you know this as heat) from around the 10.6 µm wavelength. Brownian Motion (named after Robert Brown from experiments in 1827), and cascading radiation absorption due to brownian motion is the mechanism here. Basically the more exposure the darker it gets, the darker it gets the more exposure it sees until decomposition and failure occurs. Leaving your boat, car or anything else out in the elements to die will provide those results. If you are keeping your dinghy on a davit for the whole year unprotected, until that one weekend when you decide to go boating, you can’t complain. It’s your own fault!

My suggestion to all of you who want to keep your boat for many years to come, is to properly inflate, clean and condition your boat.

Mike uses Aurora Speed Clean and Polyguard sold together as a kit from IBC as well as Aerospace 303 spray protectant for those easy on quick applications.

Speed Clean rinsed off

After proper cleaning with speed clean and rinsing/wiping down

303 applied

After applying 303 protectant

Remember no one likes a dirty floppy dinghy!




Get A Bombard C-5 Commando Just For The Halibut

We always get asked the question of can you fish out of an inflatable boat? It seems like no matter how many times I answer this and no matter how many pics we post of spearfishing and hook and line angling we still get asked.

So to answer this question I’ve included a couple of more pics to set the record straight.

Our friends just picked up a new Bombard Commando C5 to do a little halibut harvesting off the Oregon Coast and shared some pics of their first effort.

halibut c5 4 halibut c5 3 halibut c5 2 bombard commando c5 halibut front halibut c5

Sure you can fish the rivers!

Look at what our friend Jenny does with her C3 Commando.

Yes you can fish on an inflatable, just ask Jenny she tells no tales.

Yes you can fish on an inflatable, just ask Jenny she tells no tales.

jenny c3 commando 2

Jenny inflates and deflates her Bombard Commando C3 every time and uses a Yamaha F20Hp outboard to get to her fishing spots .

Jenny inflates and deflates her Bombard Commando C3 every time and uses a Yamaha F20Hp outboard to get to her fishing spots .

You like spearfishing?

So do we! Our friend Mark makes easy work out of it with his Zodiac Bayrunner 420.

spearfishing Zodiac Bayrunner 420 2 spearfishing Zodiac Bayrunner 420 spearfishing Zodiac Bayrunner 420 4 spearfishing Zodiac Bayrunner 420 3

If offshore Big Island spearfishing is your thing watch our friends Jeff and Rick do some handy work out of the Avon/Zodiac MILPRO Sea Rider series of RIBS.

We have you covered with crabbing too!

why use pots when yu can just grab the ones you want from a zodiac inflatable boat?

why use pots when yu can just grab the ones you want from a zodiac inflatable boat?

IMG_4613 IMG_4612 IMG_4611 IMG_4610 crabbing in an inflatable boat

Mike makes it all look easy and is guilty of a lot of the secret spots remaining secret.

Tillamook Bay

Tillamook Bay

Don't come over here!

Don’t come over here!

So a resounding YES! Anyone can fish out of an inflatable boat and make it look easy while they are at it.

Get your next fishing boat at The Inflatable Boat center by calling us (503)235-2628 or by shopping online here.

Zodiac Pro 420 NEO Goes Mammalian

Recently IBC rigged up a Zodiac Pro 420 NEO open boat for some marine mammal biologist types to use on their adventures.

zodiac pro 420 neo

Starting with a Zodiac Pro 420 NEO open hull IBC techs Chris and Adam added a leaning bolster and console to fit the operators size and mission profile. Slightly offset from center, the console still allows for free movement fore to aft making the observations and tests easier to perform while being in complete safety and control.

zodiac pro 420 5 zodiac pro 420 6

The boat’s light but exceptionally strong leaning bolster will accommodate even the biggest operator, even while wearing dive gear or deploying tracking equipment .

To establish comms and keep in contact with the mother ship and other chase boats IBC added an ICOM hand held pod VHF radio and Sherwood antenna that allows for clear voice communications at extended ranges.

zodiac pro 420 2

To address power IBC chose the Yamaha F40 LA outboard motor. The Yamaha offers the quiet noise signature and ultra clean emissions that the team requires to make approaches less threatening to marine organisms and mammals while making the smallest possible eco footprint.

zodiac pro 420 7

Boat handling is clean and crisp even in the toughest of conditions, and the RIB’s size ,shape and weight mean that surf zone operations don’t pit the crew in un-necessary peril.

zodiac pro 420 4 zodiac pro 420 3

To find out how IBC can help to make your next mission a success call (503) 235-2628 and ask for Adam our RIB specialist.

Until next time..

See you on the Water!