Zodiac Hurricane 753 Retube

363 miles of coastline in Oregon
200 nautical miles offshore until international waters begin
72600 sq nautical miles to regulate, enforce, and patrol
7 OSP officers available (10,371 square nautical miles each)

Considering the enormous amount of water this vessel must operate in during all weather and sea states it’s no wonder why Zodiac Hurricane remains the choice of true maritime professionals. Oregon’s State Police have earned our deep respect completing their mission in Oregon’s big water understaffed and underfunded for so long.

IBC was asked to do a Hurricane 753 retube job during the COVID pandemic when supplies and labor were at their worst worldwide. A plan was adopted at IBC then a bid was submitted for competition. Upon bid winning and approval we began work with the manufacturer to get things done, masks, lockdowns, and social distancing were the norm for day-to-day operations.

Once we received the new tubeset we began the inspection and air test procedures before scheduling the actual re-tube work. I must say working with consummate professionals every step of the way from Zodiac MILPRO to the officers operating the vessel made the otherwise difficult nature of the job as easy as 3.14159265359 .

The old tubeset had seen 19 years of continuous harsh use service. Often, we end up retubing boats with secondary market tubes that were fitted to a Zodiac Hurricane hull. Cost was the driving factor in those decisions but ultimately, they came back to IBC to get the real tubes after the premature failures of those “cheaper tubes”. The cost of failure by going cheap is manyfold. Not only do you have to spend money again on a proper set of tubes you also have to do the install and lose time to do it right the second time. Twice the down time and twice the cost is the cost of going off brand for a Zodiac Hurricane.

A tubeset replacement on a Zodiac MILPRO Hurricane 753 is more involved than a recreational model with many steps and parts to consider. In the end we were able to accomplish this job on time and on budget despite what the COVID Pandemic threw at us.

While all this COVID was happening IBC setup and delivered several MILPRO boats with uses ranging from marine biology, dredging, UXO/EOD, rescue, LEO, and Spec Ops, as well as the recreational market no less. We never missed a step and worked thru it all masks on like cowboy bandits in a western. IBC earns its top tier status everyday serving the most demanding customers in the most demanding conditions of service. What can we do for your next mission? Give us a call and find out.

IBC would like to thank Capt. Ron, Miss Mel, Zodiac MILPRO, Zodiac Hurricane, Mechanic Chris, Mike’s “deep-sea moustache“, the State of Oregon, and many others for getting the job done during COVID. Special thanks to the OSP always on mission and keeping us safe while protecting Oregon’s natural resources 24/7. Hooyah!

Dreaming In French

Lately I’ve been dreaming about sliding across the water in my Bombard Commando and today is the day. The sun is low and the air is cool as I set out upon the glassy river to adventure. Greetings come from bald eagles and geese with the occasional fish jumping in front of me just to glimpse my inflatable boat gliding along. Nature is both stunning in it’s beauty and diversity on full display. I’m the only boat on the water racing the wind to meet the sun and it’s magical in it’s sereneness.

It’s been a hard couple of years for everyone and the weight of it all has been crushing at times. This morning I can feel the weight of the world melting away with every mile that passes. I smell flowers in bloom as my course points the solitary Commando into the wind urging me to relax and enjoy the moment. I forget about my insignificant worries and problems and let the experience wash over me.

I’m lucky, I already have a Bombard Commando, others, not so much. They have been unobtainable for the last couple of years. I actually felt guilty because I had a real French Zodiac when the rest of the world couldn’t get one during the Corona times. Getting notice that our shipment was finally on the water was like getting permission from God to go outside and enjoy myself. The seemingly never-ending lockdowns and supply chain woes have been depressing to say the least. Knowing I can once again share the experience of pure joy with the world when the shipment of Commandos arrive was liberating.

Today is me being selfish, me being free to go where others can’t, and simply enjoy the solitude and peace a morning on the water can bring. I didn’t bring my fishing gear despite the salmon in the river, it didn’t matter if they were biting or not. This morning was about me feeling good, smiling at the sun, to the wind in my ears, to letting go. I’m blessed to have a Commando that opens the world up to me like a good book. No schedule, no unrelenting phone calls or persistent emails, no distractions, just my reflection in the water on a cool morning.

To people who haven’t experienced a morning on an inflatable boat I have no words to describe the feeling. The people who’ve experienced the feeling say the same thing. They often tell me that it’s something that needs to be felt because there aren’t words in English to describe true happiness. Maybe it’s time for me to brush up on my French or better yet just enjoy the moment for what it is.

Our shipment of Zodiac Bombard Commandos is scheduled to hit the Port of Tacoma sometime in July. Give us a call to reserve your very own and treat yourself to wonderment.

We are open Tuesday through Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm.

(503) 235-2628

We’re Back!

Our blog site went down when they migrated to a new server, but we’re back and so new content is coming soon.

The Portland Boat Show is going on this year but without us for the first time in 50 years. If you want to see some quality boats stop by our showroom before they are all gone.

We have lots of Yamahas and Zodiacs, even a good supply of professional and military boats but they are moving fast.

Showroom is open regular hours Tuesday-Friday 9am to 5pm, and on Saturday 9am to 3pm.

Inflatable Boat Center

2041 SE Powell Blvd

Portland Oregon 97202


Plan For Every Contingency

Reviewing some of the reports requiring rescue from waterborne casualties this morning I considered the weight of global supply chain issues in the equation. If we’ve learned anything in the last year it’s to be proactive when it comes to acquiring the tools of the trade. When stock units came up in the MILPRO category we took what we could and once we had those items allotted we ordered for the upcoming shortfalls. We knew many items would be delayed during crucial times for inclement weather operations.

There’s no denying that population centers are experiencing major weather events and there is also no denying that contingency plans have been historically overlooked as frivolous. Who would have thought NYC would see flooding casualties for example? Lessons learned from some smaller townships included a budget this year for rescue tools and personnel training. Some of the more cleaver ways of getting things done was sharing assets and costs to bring the right tool to the area across agencies and local borders. Instead of being victims to global warming or disasters some agencies should be proactive in their approach. Does your county have a plan in place?

The MILPO range of inflatable boats answers the call to action with models suited to swift water and flood water scenarios. Knowing your area of interest or operation is paramount to understanding the nature of the mission rescuers will be undertaking. Tempering expectations down from unreal action movie standards to picking the right boat actually saves your community money and lives. Any frivolity to owning an inflatable boat goes out the window when a family needs help to get to high ground or an elderly person trapped in flood waters needs medical attention. A helo won’t solve every call and weather or obstructions can prohibit their use. Helos cost much more money for a day of operation than acquiring a boat and standing up a response team. There’s no excuse to not having at least one asset for water operations. We sell boats to desert communities because flash floods actually happen and rural communities don’t have help on tap like bigger cities sometimes do.

During this COVID pandemic there were still the regular seasonal casualties and some extraordinary ones too that tested many thousands of people’s resolve. From fire to flooding to crime, everything has increased this last year so why didn’t our planning to do better next year? This is the time, right now, to take control and plan for the next bomb cyclone or Nor’easter before it impacts your community.

In many cases inflatable boats like the Zodiac MILPRO MK4 can be walked thru flood waters with their precious cargo because they draft a handful of inches but allow thousands of pounds of cargo or passengers to be safe inside. With a crew of two people assembly can be achieved in minutes, It took me 15 minutes to build this boat and put it on a cart by myself and I’m a broken down old man.

Able to be packed down into two bags and assembled on scene MILPRO’s MK4 HD

Sometimes you need a smaller boat like one of the Zodiac MILPRO Grand Raid series outfitted with an outboard. Equal to any task the Grand Raid represents a true work horse that fits within any department’s budget.

Cat put this boat together by herself in 20 minutes and it was her first time assembling a boat.

Boats like the Zodiac MILPRO ERB series of inflatables offer options for rigid floors, roll up slats, or even high pressure inflatable floors and can utilize a scuba tank for fast inflation when time is of the essence. The ERBs can be carried in a patrol car, SUV, or even a quad. We have agencies that deploy them remotely via helo and deploy on scene making the platform extremely flexible in varied terrain.

Some up and comers are models such as the Zodiac MILPRO RIBA400 that utilize heavy aluminum hulls with provisioned seating, Stokes Stretcher space, and integrated lifting eyes for lifting or helo slinging. I see great things being accomplished with this little known model in the future. Suitable for shipboard launching and complete with a SOLAS rating are but a couple of things that round out to a very nice package.

There is a boat model for every need or condition but until communities stop letting opportunity get in their way there might not be one in their tool box when the need arises. To find out how you can serve your public better give IBC a call and start a conversation. We offer very competitive pricing for agencies and can get an official quote done quickly thereby letting your community rest easy knowing they are being looked out for.

Call IBC today (503)235-2628 and see what assets we can bring to bear for your unique situation.

Yamaha F25SMHC Models Back In Stock

We’ve received some more Yamaha Outboards today and in the flavor of 25hp short shaft, tiller, manual start, manual tilt configuration . Model code F25SMHC features fuel injection for easy starting every time. This Yamaha F25SMHC is by far the most popular 25hp outboard and is the lightest in it’s class making it the perfect outboard for inflatable boats or any boat for that matter. Act fast to ensure you’ll have an outboard that works when you need it. Stock is limited to what’s on hand.

Yamaha T9.9hp and F9.9hp outboards In Stock

It used to be I’d get frustrated when I had to drop everything and unload a freight truck, but these days it’s exciting. Today when I unloaded it was outboards! Unicorns do exist! We have a small supply of Yamaha T9.9 tiller handle, electric start, power trim and tilt in long and extra long variants T9.9LPHB and T 9.9XPHB in stock now for the red hot fishing that is happening this season. We also have a small supply of Yamaha F9.9 SHMB models for your tender or dinghy that needs a short shaft, manual start, tiller handle.

As today started I was greeted by several emails from vendors and freight carriers about increases in shipping that went into effect last night so make sure if you are getting freight inbound your budget has some headroom.

As far as Bombard Commandos go we are still awaiting last years order to arrive. In the interim we’ve brought in many Zodiac MILPRO Grand Raids in MK2 (13’9″) and MK3 (15’5″) to fill the gaps. We have plenty of stock in red and grey colors for those of you looking for adventure boats that don’t disappoint. We also have several Zodiac Searider RIBs dressed in grey and even a RIBA400 ready to go.

Recreational models are expected at the beginning of the year 2022 but we’re not holding our breath until shipments begin arriving. Tubes have been trickling in in ones and twos with orders being fulfilled in the order they were received. If you are waiting for tubes to come back in stock before buying your wait will be considerably longer than the sometimes 6-12 months it’s taking now. We’ll post more news about boats and motors and parts as it becomes available.

Happy boating from the IBC Team!

Zodiac MILPRO RIBA400 Package

Zodiac MILPRO RIBA400 Rescue Boat Yamaha F40 Package

Rigid Inflatable Rescue Boat 
Aluminum Hull 1/4" PLATE
CSM Collar "D-TUBE"
Outboard Engine 

Number of persons sitting 5
Number of persons in stretcher 1

Overall Length 3.91m (12.8 FT)
Inside Length 3.53m (11.5 FT)

Overall Width 1.935m (6.3 FT)
Inside Width 1.4m (4.5 FT)
Weight without engine and fuel 305kg (672.41 LBS)

Weight with 40hp engine and 6 passengers 944 kg (2081.16 LBS)
Buoyancy Tube Diameter .45m (18")

Outboard 20" (long shaft)
min 25hp
max 40hp

MO Res. MSC.48(66) -(LSA Code) 
Marine Equipement Directive 2014/90/EU

*Performance data is dependent upon individual boat layout customization. 
MILPRO reserves the right to change the specifications of this technical sheet without notice.

Only One Day Left To Order Act Fast

It has just come to my attention that the following boats will not be offered/available after this Friday the 24th of September. 

  • Open 7 
  • Pro 750
  • NZO 760

If you were on the fence about ordering up a 7 meter rib you better act fast as no new orders will be accepted after Friday Sept. 24.

Boats And Outboards In Stock While They Last

I’ve been wanting to blog for weeks but alas the times we live in have been consuming available man hours for clicking keys and staring at screens. Let’s give it a go and do some updating!

We’ve been receiving boats in good quantities, motors continue to trickle in, and some parts are starting to arrive again. Yesterday we received news on a over 130 containers inbound for the end of the year timeline. Barring any delays out of our control we’ll have more goods soon for some of the models we’ve been out of. Bear in mind that demand is high and pre-orders are filled first with any remaining stock to go into inventory.

Several popular Zodiac MILPRO models are in stock and ready to go at a moments notice for professional and military use, think Grand Raids, Sea Riders, ERBS, and HD versions. As we navigate the increased weather events, hurricane season and it’s impact on areas that see increased flooding globally IBC stands at the ready to help your mission be successful.

Outboard Motors remain elusive to capture in the wild. While I was out for a COVID test to meet mission requirements for next week I managed to drive by several other boat shops only to notice they were all out of boats and motors everywhere I looked. This explains why IBC has been getting calls all day long for outboards we wouldn’t normally have on hand. Fortunately IBC is a key dealer for brands like Yamaha so stock continues to be available albeit in limited quantities. Outboard costs have gone up like everything else in the world and again demand far outstrips supply. When we have outboards to sell we sell them, but in situations where outboards aren’t available or are the last ones in stock we reserve them for boat package sales. Do call in to check current availability on outboards, it changes daily with stock increasing and decreasing like the tides.

Recently IBC was evaluating the budget boat problem that is manifest in the world supply chain. We believe we’ve come up with some solutions that we can stand behind. IBC will be making more information available on those models soon with additions to our inflatableboats.com site when all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed in the program. Keep checking in!

Rigging Programs have been hamstrung throughout most of the year with even simple parts like key switches, controls and cables becoming hard to come by. We have outboards awaiting boats, boats awaiting outboards, and both awaiting various rigging components. While some packages could easily get by with aftermarket parts, many of our critical high confidence/reliability items demand very specific parts and Q.A. procedures. These so called “Zero Compromise” or “Ship Safe” programs can be delayed due to the specs placed on such platforms so shipyards and agencies should plan for possible delays. If you are at this level you’re well aware of the constraints and are used to seeing some issues arise. For the rest of us just try to be patient as parts become available boats will be rigged.

Repair Materials have been the go to for most of the summer first time boaters fixing up old floppy second hand models. Recreational adhesives have been easy to come by but fabrics not so much. Unless it’s red, grey or white we’re currently out of fabrics/patches. Military and professional adhesive customers will continue to see long delays on controlled adhesives for their units/companies. Please bear with us your items are in process with military and professional shipments going out in the order they were received. Special Forces with a priority need will be addressed as best we can with commands ultimately deciding who gets what first.

12 Volt Inflation Pumps are back in stock and more popular than ever, Foot Pumps much less so.

2022 Boat Shows are up in the air right now for many shops and we are not excluded from the supply pinch happening right now. Keep checking in! If we’re able to support the show circuit with new models we’ll be in attendance, if not then it may be a pass.

Commando Models are still awaiting shipment for those of you looking for rugged adventure boats. If you can’t wait until the container comes in we suggest looking at our Zodiac MILPRO models such as the Grand Raid series. Our Zodiac MILPRO stock is good and offers some advantages to the more recreational based products like the Bombard Commando series.

Special Orders are still being processed and nothing has changed in regards to boats, outboards, tubesets, etc. If you decide you will just wait until stock become available you will lose your place in line. I see people make this mistake and then act surprised when the lead time increases. If you want it don’t wait or you will be disappointed by the result. In some cases of special orders IBC will only require a modest non-refundable deposit to get it in the books. In the past everything needed to be paid up front in order to do a special order. It’s case by case, product by product and as always special orders are fulfilled in the order they are received. The only exceptions on special order priority is reserved for our customers putting their lives on the line to help others survive/live.

IBC Showroom is open to the public and has remained so for the duration of the COVID crisis. We ask that you wear a mask and maintain a safe distance to others. It’s best to leave small children and the elderly at home when you visit. If you can not wear a mask due to an existing health condition accommodations will be made and an appointment will be setup for you.

IBC is ready to answer your questions and address your concerns regarding your existing or new inflatable boat purchase. Stop by or call (503)235-2628

We’re looking forward to the next chapter and everything it entails as we move into the fall season.

Be safe be happy and be healthy!

2021 Zodiac Cadets In Bound

Well we finally received an email saying our 2021 Zodiac Cadets are on the water inbound to us. Once we receive them all outstanding pre-orders will be filled with the rest to go to stock. Boats will be going quicker this year than last year as demand remains elevated and supply is depressed due to the on going COVID dilemma.

Zodiac’s indefatigable Bombard Commando models remain extremely hard to come by for the current near future so if you see that we have one act fast before it’s gone.

Zodiac’s Mini-Open Series will be getting the prime time treatment soon with models expecting to ship anytime now. Those of you who pre-ordered them will be taken care of first with remaining models that go in stock will get rigged with outboards next.

On the subject of outboards we are still experiencing delays with all manufacturers despite use designation. Military, professional and recreational markets are still seeing months of delays with COVID restrictions being the overall driver in availability. Agencies and recreational users need to take limited unit availability into account when planning for adventures.

Everyone is doing as much as possible in all areas to make 2021 the best boating year of record but shortfalls will occur. Please be patient as the World makes course corrections.

As always IBC is there to serve our customers and will continue to no matter the obstacles in front of us.

Be safe, be well and let’s go boating!