Benefits Of Inflatable Boats

Let’s talk about some benefits of the inflatable boat platform;

Higher carrying capacities

Inflatable boats can carry far more than traditional hull designs.

Inflatable Boat Center

Increased stability

Inflatable boats have very low center of gravity and incredible buoyancy making them ideal for special missions or fun with the family.

Lower operating costs

Inflatable boats have a lower operating cost than other boats. Increased efficiency due to lower weight, buoyancy, and drag means less HP is required to accomplish plane or transit. Less fuel burned means more money for other things.

Inflatable Boat Center


Inflatable boats can be transported rolled up to austere locations and deployed on site where getting a boat or trailer is just not possible. Boats can be deployed from horses/mules, bigger boats, cars/trucks, aircraft, and submarines.

Inflatable Boat Center
Inflatable Boat Center